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July 4th came and went and hopefully, in between the party-hopping and Pina Coladas, you managed to score a nice tan (using a decent spf, of course). But what happens now? How do you maintain the tan while heading back to the realities of daily life? It’s not like you can simply stay on permanent vacation (well, most of us aren’t that fortunate, at least). What happens is, you buy yourself a darn good after-sun body moisturizer and you lather yourself up, head to toe, multiple times daily!!! And, in between your next jaunt to the beach or pool, you do a little color maintenance with a buildable color lotion (like Dove’s Energy Glow with subtle self tanners ($7.99) or Shiseido’s Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion with gradual bronze color ($35.00). Both are great “in betweens” as they give natural color and they’re pretty streak free (just don’t go overboard on elbows, knees and ankles!)).

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite after-sun body lotions for hydrating your parched skin and preserving that healthy (natural) bronzed glow….

Editor’s Picks:

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Top Row; From Left:

Biotherm After Sun Body Milk – We go gaga over the regular Biotherm lotion and this one is no exception – it’s like covering your naked body in a giant silk sheet – imagine the freedom… and the softness! Lightweight and quick to absorb, this body milk contains shea butter, apricot kernel, black current and seed essential oils to nourish the skin, helping your tan last even longer! $23.00
Aubrey Organic After Sun Body & Face Maintenance Moisturizer – Organic aloe vera soothes while organic Shea Butter, Rosa Mosqueta & Jojoba Oils reverse the suns drying effects, and Horsetail & Coltsfoot help improve elasticity. The result – a healthy, additive-free, long lasting tan! If you believe in the powers of organic, then this is the lotion for you! $10.75
Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion – An oldie but goodie, this lotion is thick, rich, smells divinely beachy and is super soothing (thanks to the Vitamin E). It’s like a dip in a cold tub without ever having to touch the water! And with continued use, the tan stays put – it doesn’t peel or fade like those mystic ones (yuck!). And as my fellow beauties know, you can’t beat the price! $6.00

Middle Row; From Left:

Korres Aloe Vera Moisturising Body Milk Korres Body Butter in Guava is a Beauty Banter FAVE!!! and the after-sun aloe vera body milk is just as delicious – not as thick and creamy, this lotion is rather silky and soothing…. perfect for directly after sun exposure to calm and rehydrate the skin. It prolongs a natural tan with all of those yummy and healthy ingredients that are good enough to eat! $23.50
June Jacobs Spa Collection After Sun Hydrator – It’s light, soothing, and has the consistency of milk yet smells like an orange grove… Shea butter, jojoba and palm oils moisturize, while aromatic healing botanicals and protective anti-oxidants soothe. Reduces peeling and aids in promoting the life of your tan – the luxuries of spa life for a fraction of the price! $34.00
Dr. Hauschka After-Sun Lotion – Can they ever go wrong? Fans of Dr. Hauschka will attest that his products are close to perfection. They’re holistic and healthy and they work miracles (not to mention they smell unmanufactured… tres au natural… like my mother made them in the next room (if she were a chemist, of course!)). The lotion is rich in antioxidants, lightweight, and it features ice plant extracts ( like aloe, this succulent plant relieves itching, pain, swelling and redness) to soothe and hydrate skin after sun exposure. Great for a gal with a bit of a burn (although we urge – BEG – you to wear sunscreen and stay burn-free!!!) $22.95
L’Occitane After-Sun Balm Lotion – This is a truly special product… it’s from Brazil – Para to be exact. The organic vegetable butter of Cupuaçu, harvested in Para, absorbs more than 4 times its volume in water. Since it’s a balm/ lotion (and more therapeutic), it is ideal for dehydrated skin that needs immediate rehydration. Perfect after a long day of sun and swim. It’ll halt that peel right in it’s place and keep that tan truly bronzed! $26.00

Bottom Row; From Left:

Pure Necessities Aloe Vera Shea Butter Body Whipped Creme – Another Beauty Banter favorite, this incredible cream is like NO OTHER on the market. It is perfect parts shea butter (for moisture) and aloe vera (for soothing) and when you drench your skin with this heavenly potion, you really do feel like life is good… even great. The consistency is like falling asleep at the shore on a tropical island – the hot and humid air warms you while the ocean breeze cools you down. The shea butter (the humid air) is warm and rich while the aloe (the ocean breeze) is cool and refreshing – We love using metaphors!!! The cream comes in a variety of mouth-watering scents (try sweet-orange-vanilla… divine!) $18.00
Biotherm After-Sun Sparkle Cream – Not only does it soothe the skin and preserve the life of your tan (thanks to Pure Extract of Thermal Plankton, Pro vitamins B5 and E and trace minerals) it ALSO gives the body a subtle sparkly “glow.” The cream contains pearlescent particles that immediately illuminate your skin and enrich/ highlight your already awesome tan. It’s like having your cake… and eating it too (without gaining any weight!). How devilishly sexy! $26.00

Have a favorite after-sun lotion? Let us know… leave a comment below!

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