Even when I really love a beauty product, I am always on the lookout for something new. There are few products I am so loyal to that I’d pass at the thought of trying another (just looking at Sarah’s post on French pharmacies got me thinking of the possibilities). But there are always exceptions. Five years ago I found the perfect perfume and I haven’t looked at another since.

I was wandering through Market, a Brentwood boutique, when I came across a collection of lovely bottles wrapped in organza pouches. It was called The Perfumers Palette, a collection of base, medium and top note fragrances by Creative Scentualizations (now called the eponymous Sarah Horowitz Parfums). It was a bit like being a kid in a candy store considering the combinations, and all the fragrances were gorgeous. The grapefruit smelled tart and refreshing, the jasmine like the vines that bloom in my garden at night and the musk, soft and clean. I brought home a single bottle of the Clean Musk perfume and I’ve worn it every day since. I sometimes buy up several bottles at a time, loving the way the fragrance lingers but never overwhelms (nothing like choking on perfume in a crowded elevator or subway). And all Perfumers Palette fragrances can be ordered as 100% oil roll-ons in addition to the spray (the oil is especially great in summer or when traveling). Never in my life have I so often been complimented on how I smelled or asked what I’m wearing by friends, family, and strangers at the post office. I really should start carrying their business cards.

Before the Perfumers Palette, Horowitz created the Perfect Perfumes collection, including the fabulous Perfect Veil (which is also available as a candle, lotion and bath gel) and a dozen other ‘perfect’ blends. In 2006, Horowitz unveiled a line for Barneys called What Comes From Within, also available at Apothia Fred Segal and online at If you’d rather something other than ready to wear, Sarah Horowitz Parfums offers one of a kind creations. The Online Fragrance Journey has you complete a questionnaire and then three custom samples are sent for you to try based on info gathered (you’ll then get 15% off when you make your first order). Phone consultations are a more in-depth conversation with a perfumer, followed by a customized trio of samples. For the ultimate experience, try the Fragrance Journey, meeting with Senior Perfumer Marlene Stang or Chief Perfumer (and founder) Sarah Horowitz-Thran for over an hour of scent soul searching that results in a blend tailored exactly for you.

Whether it’s inexpensive or costs a fortune, there is something magical in finding a fragrance that you love. But it’s always best to test a perfume and see how it reacts with your skin first. It’s amazing how different one scent can smell on two different people. Conveniently, samples of most Sarah Horowitz Parfums are available online for a few dollars each. You can also find her lines sold in stores worldwide. Check here for locations near you. And if you’re on Facebook, join the SHP page for news, info and specials. xo a.

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