Oscar 2009: Who Gave Best Face

Oscar 2009: Who Gave Best Face

This year, there wasn’t anyone who stood out as drop-dead gorge, or simply drop-dead, how-tragic-was-that-makeup?

But, like with all award shows, there has to be winners and losers. So, for this years Academy Awards, here are the nominees for best face (in no particular order):

Tilda Swinton – hmmm, I just don’t get the whole androgynous vibe she’s sporting. No eye makeup, raspberry red lips and short brassy, blonde hair… At least it’s better than last years absolutely no makeup look. Now if only she’d consider some brows… (Or at least paint them in).

Freida Pinto
– As usual, her red carpet look is perfected to a T. Great dark eyes, gorgeous skin, beautiful, soft updo. She doesn’t take many beauty chances, but that’s okay, she’s new at the game. And, besides, she looks fab au natural. Freida’s a bonafide star!

Alicia Keys – not quite sure what she was doing at the Oscars, but her face (and hair) is flawless! Gorgeous flowing, side-parted 1940’s loose curled locks, shimmering eyes, glowing skin. She looks like a true starlet (and yet she’s a musician!).

Amy Adams – cute, she’s like a piece of humble pie. You just want to slap that smile right off of her face! My eyes immidiately go for the necklace – it looks like it’s drowning her! With jewels like that, who needs makeup? The massive thing around her neck takes all of the attention away from her face. Shame.

Marisa Tomei – She looks unexpectadly pretty! Thank god she left her teased wig (from the Brandaid Foundation party – that look was HIDEOUS) at home. This loose updo suits her much better. Makeup is all about the eyes (lots of lashes), a great feature for MT.

Penelope Cruz – back are the bangs, not as blunt as the baftas but still more blunt then before. A token of luck, quite possibly? The updo is classic, as are her undeniably beautiful features. Dark eyes always do Penelope justice. Un fuego!

Jen Aniston – She looked good, especially considering brad and Angie were front row. All eyes on Jen and her front side braid (love). Makeup was fresh and youthful. Glowing, bronzed skin brings out the beach chic… take that, Angie!

Angelina Jolie – Or don’t… cause you always looks fab. The retro, winged liner with the light lips (her staple makeup) works great with Angie’s features. And the loose, half-up hair is simply stunning, pulling the front away from the face so we can all go gaga over her beauty.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Not a good beauty night for the resident fashionista. Brown hair ages her. Dark eye makeup is too dark and doesn’t mesh well with the new mane. Sadly, my eyes veer straight for the wrinkles (GASP!).

Kate Winslet – the classic pull back do has been Kate’s staple hair style for award season 09. Dark brows, shimmering mauve eyes and lips… It all works. But I do like Kate better with her platinum hair. The blonde in Revolutionary Road was so hot! This dark blonde, light brown ages her a tad.

Evan Rachel Wood – Goth girl is scary… with that orange-hued hair, she’s frightening. Not to mention the hideous trying-to-be-old-hollywood glam updo with the massive curl hanging to one side. WTF is that? And orange lips are never, and will never, be cute.

Heidi Klum – Allwrong! What is up with that side parted slicked hair? It’s like she left a glob of gel in her hair (ala Something About Mary). And her eye makeup is WAY too intense, making her wrinkles stand out.

Amanda Seyfried – Young hollywood made quite the statement with Zac Efron, Rob Pattinson, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus (why was she there?). But the front runner for the tween/ teen set is none other than lovely Amanda. She looked very sophisticated, but still age appropriate. Long, 40’s styled curls (side part yet again), mild-mannered makeup… It all works.

Philip Seymour Hoffman – What’s that thing on top of his head? Is he robbing a bank after the Oscars? Or just having a really bad hair day?

Who do YOU think gave best face? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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