Nail Talk With Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Jachno

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Nail Talk With Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Jachno

Celebrity manicurist Lisa Jachno has worked with everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Julia Roberts. Her most recent credit, Miley Cyrus’ W Magazine cover, illustrates one of the season’s biggest nail trends: the pointed finger. We asked Lisa for her red carpet predictions, the lacquers to love right now, and the truth about the pointed tip.

Beauty Banter: What is the red carpet nail trend this year?
Lisa Jachno: We’ve seen a lot of vamp and nude nails the past few red carpets. For Oscars you can expect to see a lot of solid nails so nothing takes away from the dress. The Oscars are one of the most elegant affairs, and the women want to enhance the beauty of their dress by having classic beautiful manis. I expect to see a pop of color in reds and corals, playing on the warm weather and the coming of Spring. I’m sure there will be a good share of dark nails also, either in tones of red, purples or blues. The dark tones add a softness compared to a standard black nail. I can’t wait to see round nails which takes us back to old Hollywood. Hollywood is taking a refreshing break from nail art at the moment, and coming back to basics to show of the dresses. Dont forget, classics are “classic” for a reason.

BB: Who wears this trend well?
LJ: A-listers of course! Any hollywood star can wear a simple nail and make it look timeless and elegant. Its all about the confidence and elegance. Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Sophia Vergara….

BB: Matching your tips to your dress – fierce or faux pas?
LJ: Cute when it is an appropriate color. At an event like the Oscars for example, I wouldn’t recommend matching your nail with your bright teal dress. If it is in a classic color tone, red, navy, white, grey that would make for a beautiful finish on the overall look. If you are wearing a unique bright color, stick to a nude nail.

BB: Explain the pointy nail trend? Is this something that will carry into Spring?
LJ: Pointy nails are fun and fresh- Miley Cyrus’s W Cover showed them off perfectly. They are a blast from the past, but work amazingly. if your wanting an extension of your fingers, the pointy nail is perfect. It makes almost any hand appear to be long and graceful. This trend will definitely roll into Spring. The difference is it wont include as much nail art. Round nails in solid colored manis or fun french tips. Expect this trend to stay for awhile.

BB: For a red carpet event, how do you prep the nails?
LJ: Its most important to have the nails last, that means proper prep. To prep, I file nails making sure edges are smooth and no snags can happen. After filing with nail file, I use a wet metal file to gently smooth the edge, push back and trim the cuticles. After that is done, I like to give them a long massage. The message helps relax the client, and gets the blood flow through the hand, making the hand look plump and beautiful. After the massage the MOST important step to prepping the nail is washing off all lotion and residue from cuticle remover from the nail. It’s important to use soap and water and a small brush to scrub the nail beds. You should then spray alcohol or nail cleanser to completely clean nail. Now they are ready for polish.

BB: Five favorite polish colors to wear today?
1. Chanel Holiday
2. Dior Vernis Nail Polish in Pink Porcelain
3. Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust
4. Chanel Mysterious
5. OPI Gwen Stefani Push and Shove

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