Nail Art: Bling It On

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Nail Art: Bling It On

When it comes to nail art, anything goes. And as Candice Romanelli proves, everything can serve as inspiration – from her daughter’s Doc Martin’s to a disco ball. The art director and mother of two explains that nail art, for her, is a creative means of expression. “I just had my second kid and I needed some sort of different creative outlet. I did my first crazy manicure and became instantly obsessed. From there on, it was game over,” says Candice who has rocked some of the most intricate and awesome nails that I have ever seen… ever.

I asked Candice to choose her 10 favorite nail designs to date and explain the inspiration behind each of the looks. In the slideshow above you’ll find the art and, below, the details. Prepare to be inspired (or, at the very least, awed).

1. Silver Metallic Nails – These were my New Year’s Eve nails. I wanted to go crazy with the bling and glitter, to resemble a disco ball, but in a more chic and fun way. They actually used different studs in different shapes and sizes, rhinestones in various sizes, and the base was silver glitter on the tip that faded down to the nail. These nails took over three hours to do!

2. Flower Nail – The idea for these nails came from these amazing Doc Martin boots that I bought for my two-year old. They were black with yellow and pink flowers. Being an art director, I had a vision of how they would look on my nails. I wanted the manicurist to place the flowers all around the borders of my nail. When she was done and I had a final look at my nails, I decided I wanted to do a matte finish. I am OBSESSED with matte finished nails because they look like the actual texture of your nail which, in my opinion, is fantastic.

3. Black Sheer Polkadots – Last fall I fell in love with all of the Saint Laurent clothing that had sheer black with polka-dot cut outs in them. Super sexy and sleek. That was my inspiration for these nails.

4. Black with Gold Studs – I always make my next appointments for my nails as I am paying for the ones I just had done. It gives me 3 weeks to think about what to do. This time that I went, I really didnt know what I was in the mood for. I was wearing a pair of booties that were suede black with gold studs and I just looked down and thought, this is what I’m going to do this week. They say you usually match your nails to what you’re wearing and that’s literally what I did.

5. Red Leopard – Who doesnt love leopard print? I’m obsessed! I’ve done leopard that was nude with black before but this time around I wanted to do bright red for a pop of fun. The manicurist spent two hours hand painting each spot on and if I didnt like the way it looked I had her redo it (sadly, I’m not joking).

6. DRx Nails – These nails were inspired by my husband’s brand. It’s called DR Romanelli so i went with the whole pill vibe. The scissors on the thumb are part of his logo and the red and cream colored pills were symbolic of his collaboration with Coca-Cola. I did these nails for the launch of that collaboration.

7. The Black with Matte Tips – After going crazy with my DRx nails, I felt that I needed something simple. This nail was my first time using the matte finish and we used it as a V french tip. These are one of my favorite nails that I’ve done; super simple with an edge.

8. Ombre White Matte – Spring was in the air and I was all about the ombre nail. We were going to Mexico and I wanted to do a clean, beachy nail so I thought I would try this. I love how the nail fades to natural so when your nails grow out, it’s not as obvious. To make this ombre a little different, I went for my favorite matte finish.

9. Pink Ombre Fade with Polka Dots – After doing the black polka dot nails, I fell in love with polka dots. So, this past summer I went with a pink nail with an ombre fade and put dots on top. This was a fun design and took me out of my neutral comfort zone.

10. Glitter is Everything Nail – I LOVED these nails. I knew I wanted to do an all-glitter nail, but I wanted it to standout; something that resembled a quartz crystal stone. I went to Michael’s [art store] and bought all kinds of glitter in the same tones. The super chunky glitter makes this nail standout more than just a regular rockstar glitter nail. It gave it texture and definitely took it up a notch.

*Candice’s go-to nail salon is ES Nails on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

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