My Haircut With Anh Co Tran

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My Haircut With Anh Co Tran

Let me just start by saying that I’m never happy with my haircut. I’m more-or-less a hair-cutting snob. I like to micromanage the cut (I’m even worse with color — eek). Not too short, not too layered, not layered enough, the face fringe isn’t sitting right, it’s too flat on top, and on and on. Oh, and I expect the cut to air dry so perfectly that it gives me natural Gisele-like waves.

I know, I know, expectations lead to premeditated resentments. I’ve actually come to terms with the fact that I’ll likely be disappointed after a cut, and I’m OK with that.

But then the oddest thing happened: I went to see Anh Co Tran, LA-based hairstylist with a cult-like following due to his natural, effortless cuts, and I received THE BEST CUT I’VE EVER HAD. Not only did my hair look amazing the day I left the salon, it continued to look just as good as it did in the salon for the next six months while it grew out. Yes, I didn’t need another haircut for SIX MONTHS. Just to put this into perspective, my hair has a tendency to get really heavy and blunt, giving me zero wave, as it’s growing out, so I end up getting a trim every three months. But with Anh’s cut, my hair grew long and thick without the weightiness of haircuts-past, so it was still air-drying with my natural wavy texture. Even my face-fringe, which had basically grown out to the length of a lob (collarbone), still had decent movement, albeit it was definitely time to get that face-framing effect back.

So I decided to pay Anh a visit. Yes, I had a second date with a hairstylist (this is major for me). And this time around, Anh told me a bit about his technique and why my hair grew out so nicely.

First of all, Anh is like an artist with a head of hair and a pair of scissors. You can sense his artistry and passion by the way he pays such close attention to detail. He does dry cuts, which basically means they wash and dry your hair stick straight first, then he cuts (where many stylists will cut on wet hair). I prefer a dry cut because you can actually see how much length is being taken off and there are less surprises.

For the overall trim and layers, Anh uses a point cut technique, where he cuts into the hair, vertically, as opposed to cutting across the hair horizontally. This gives movement and takes off weight, without losing unnecessary length.

Anh also uses the dusting method, where he’s able to cut split ends without losing length or adding unwanted layers. Instead, he skims the dry strands with scissors and gently trims any split ends that stick out — and would normally translate to dead weight or frizz, even post-cut. I swear, this is why my hair grew out so well and without extra weightiness.

The result: a haircut that gives new life to the hair. A cut that has style and trend. A cut that air-dries pretty close to perfection. And a cut that grows out just as beautifully as the actual cut itself.

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