Murad’s Clean Scene

Murad’s Clean Scene

Murad’s newest 5 product skin line, Clean Scene, is aimed at giving you perfectly flawless skin, like, now. Targeted for a slightly younger demographic, Clean Scene has it all: the cleanser, face scrub, spot treatment, moisturizer and spf.

While I may not technically still be crushing on my first boy, standing in the lunch line waiting for green eggs and ham, I still love me an effective treatment system that works to clear my skin. And keep it that way. So, yes, I’m loving Clean Scene.

A word (or several…) from the company:

“Get healthy, squeaky-clean skin with Clean Scene, the first brand developed by Murad, Inc. to address the specific skincare needs of the next generation of skincare enthusiasts. Designed to take the confusion out of skincare, Clean Scene encourages users to begin and end each day with a clean slate through five fun, yummy yet efficacious products. Specially formulated to help protect skin today and plan for the future, Clean Scene helps users keep it real and keep skin in balance, giving them skin that’s smooth and healthy and relieving a little of the drama in all areas of their lives.”

“Each product in the Clean Scene line utilizes the power of the newest super-fruit, the Yumberry, an exotic Chinese wonder that contains powerful antioxidants. The Yumberry helps neutralize skin damaging enemies from stress, sun and pollution to leave a balanced, smooth complexion.”


• Craving for Clean™
Gently wash away dirt and makeup for squeaky-clean skin that’s soft, smooth and hydrated. This foaming cleanser creates a luscious lather for a fresh way to start and end each day.
(4.5 FL. OZ. for $17)

• Gaga for Glow™
For soft skin that never gets mixed up with a rough crowd, dismiss dullness with this gentle facial scrub. It deep-cleans to minimize the appearance of pores and gets rid of excess oil, revealing super smooth, glowing skin.
(2.5 FL. OZ. for $20)

• Crazy for Clear™
Say bye-bye to blemishes and hello to clear, healthy skin. This targeted spot treatment starts healing breakouts on contact while helping to prevent new ones from forming.
(0.5 FL. OZ. for $16)

• Down for Defense™
Don’t get burned! Give your skin a fresh dewy glow and protect it from UVA/UVB rays with this SPF 15 moisturizer.  
(1.7 FL. OZ. retails for $24)

• Begging for Balance™
Shut down shine and get hydration in check with this oil-free moisturizer. Use it nightly for a smooth, balanced complexion and develop a healthy relationship with your skin.
(1.7 FL. OZ. for $22)

Available NOW, exclusively at Sephora.

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