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Pro Talk: Holiday Hair Styles from Celebrity Stylist Jen Atkin

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By December 20, 2013 One Comment

Pro Talk: Holiday Hair Styles from Celebrity Stylist Jen Atkin

Try these at-home – 5 of the best Holiday hair styles from celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin:

S-Waved Hair – Inspiration: Erin Wasson. HOW-TO: Best to use a Ryan Tools Waver Iron but can also be done with a 3/4 ” curling iron. I start by prepping hair with Charlotte Ronson Beach Spray for texture. Take 1″ sections and curl, use fingers to break up the curls, not a brush. This look is best topped off with a hair accessory. My favorites are JenniferBehr.com.

Slick High Ponytail – Inspiration: Jessica Alba (I did this style on Jessica). HOW-TO: Prepped with Fekkai Control Styling Gel at the roots. Comb hair into a high ponytail making sure the pony is diagnol to your eyeline and right at your crown. Take a 1 1/4 inch curling iron to the ends to give a nice bend. Finish the look by wrapping a piece of hair around the band securing the end with a small bobby pin. Goes great with a low cut dress or an embellished dress. A favorite of the Kardashian’s as well.

Ballerina Bun – Inspiration: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. HOW-TO:   Prep your hair with a wave spray, blowdry upside down, spray a dry shampoo (Klorane is the best) at the roots and on your ends. Use a Mason Pearson brush to brush hair into a high pony at the crown, wrap your hair in a clockwise motion to create a tight bun. (use a bump it, or hair donut if you have fine hair) secure bun with bobbi pins and pull at the bun to make it bigger. remember that hair photographs smaller in pictures, so the bigger the better. Take a comb and comb hair at the roots away from your head to make texture and finish with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray. Love this with a floral or white holiday dress, especially anything with a collar.

French Twist – Inspiration: Nicole Richie (I did this style on Nicole). HOW-TO:  Prep hair with a volumiing mousse or spray. If you have long bangs this looks best with a side swoop part. Smooth out your hair with a Mason Pearson brush, take hair into a low pony (but dont secure with a rubberband) and twist the hair clockwise,flipping the pony upwards. As you twist, bring the ends of hair and tuck them in like you are rolling christmas wrapping. Secure the twist using large french hairpins. You can add a brooch or hairpin to the side of the twist to dress it up.

Updo With Headbands – Inspiration: Louis Vuitton Runway Show. HOW-TO: If you combine the ballerina bun and the french twist with these cute thin headbands, it wont take away from the rest of your outfit. Very flirty. I’ve found some amazing little girl headbands that work at Claires Boutique or the kids section at major department stores. Maison Michel accessories are my favorite – they have great items for holiday.”

– Jen Atkin of the Andy LeCompte Salon

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