Me and my MAC (part due)

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Me and my MAC (part due)

I know I promised pics ages ago, but I had some computer glitch that wouldn’t allow me to take the pictures from the photo booth and upload them to my blog. But alas, we have fixed the problem!

As promised, here are my favorites from the new MAC lines, Rushmetal and Flashtronic:

The Light Look

On Sarah, Pigment Cocomotion on eyes, Frenzy on lips and Northern LightMinerlaize Skinfinish on cheeks.

The Light Look Close-Up

I also lined the top eyelid with a thin line of liquid black liner. ***make sure to make the line grow in thicknessas you get further from the inner corner***

Summer Drama

Sarah is wearing Pigment Gold Mode over the entire eye lid, By Jupiter eye shadow in the crease. On lips, Fast Lane and Electro-Lush Lip Glass. And Gold Spill Mineralize Skin Finish on cheeks.

Summer Drama Close-Up

***I always fill in my brows when going out at night. I feel that it completes the face. Always use a shade LIGHTER then your actually hair color so that it doesn’t look like you painted on your eyebrows.***

Bold and Gold

Sarah is wearing Rushmetal Pigment over the entire eye lid with Tectonic eye shadow in the crease. Lips are a mixture of Fast Lane, then Frenzy, then Thrills, topped with a dab of Electrolush Lip Glass. On cheeks, Gold Spill and over face, a light brush of Northern Light!

Bold and Gold Close-Up

***I really love the mixture of Fastlane Lipstick with Elctrolush Lip Glass. It’s a great deep pinkish plum color that looks fabulous with bronzed skin!***

Bold and Gold Even Closer-Up

Have pics of you in your MAC??? Send them to! Include the specific products that you used to achieve the look!

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