Makeup Bag: Stephanie LaCava

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Makeup Bag: Stephanie LaCava

“In terms of beauty, I’m not so into super polished looks. I like something a little natural, a bit wild, and quirky. That kind of look works with me as well, because I have red hair and my teeth are a little funny. I like that about other people, like Vanessa Paradis and Jane Birkin. I also love classic beauty — Isabelle Adjani, to me, is the classic ideal of beauty, especially in the movie, Le Reine Margot. She looks perfect with her lips, her pale skin, and I think her entire look is just so beautiful. I like strong aloof French women. Growing up when I lived in France, I was always fascinated by the women who looked like they had just done something and yet looked so beautiful. Not like they couldn’t move or they had to keep a straight face or their face would crack. I also think older women are super beautiful.

My Mom never really wore that much makeup except for mascara, and I’m kind of the same. As kids, we both had these super big eyes and she also has the most insane green eyes. I distinctly remember my Mom going to bed every night with her makeup on and never washing her face, which you read when you were little never to do but I sometimes do the same thing now. I think it’s funny because I remember she told me that you can’t always do that but she also has the most amazing skin, so it didn’t seem to matter. She never really wore anything else. Never foundation because she was anti-foundation. I don’t wear foundation either but because I’m super pale, I wear Cle de Peau Concealer under my eyes.

I write about beauty sometimes in my articles, such as what’s going on backstage, which I think is really interesting. Oftentimes, the looks aren’t exactly what we consider classically beautiful, but rather what works with the design and the statement you’re trying to make. I’m still super obsessed with when Pat McGrath did those half sequins on the eye for Givenchy. When I was little, I would do something like that. We would get confetti and clear nail polish and stick them on our face. I still like to do that sometimes. I think it’s fun, quirky, and different. Beauty is a personal style. The cliche example is a red lipstick or it can be a feature or product that you associate with. For me and my family it’s our long eyelashes. My brother used to cut his but since I turned out to be a red head, mine are pale and I have to wear mascara. I always make fun of him because his are really dark, but mine don’t show up. I look like I have no eyelashes unless I wear mascara. It’s kind of fun because in a way, it also shows genetics, which is kind of nice because you realize that you share that of your mother’s.

This is a Provencal cloth bag from the south of France. All of my toiletry bags are the same print.

I have Neutrogena Oil Free Sunblock SPF 30. I wear it every single day, even when it rains which is why I’m this hideous pasty white color, but one day it will be beneficial. That is the most important product.

Clinique 101 Teddy Bear is a quad of brown eyeshadows and a little bit of white. I like the brown on the lid and I always, always try to get that look that I see on girls who have a little pink on their lids. I don’t think I have the right skin tone for it, though.

I also use lip gloss on my eye lids. I have the Sephora Totally Lucid shiny version. You can use a Lancome Juicy Tube [try Shimmer] too. I put a it right under the arch of my eyebrow and on the outer corner of my eye, as if I were crying or there’s a little tear when you catch the light. I don’t know why but I love it.

On my lips I always use the Perlier White Almond Lip Balm, which is really nice. No matter what lipstick you wear, your lips need a good moisturizer. I like the scent.

I always wear Diptyque L’Ombre dans l’Eau and I have this little travel one. It’s funny because I’ll be somewhere and someone will tell me they’ve smelled me before they see me because they know it’s my scent. For some reason I don’t smell it anymore but everyone always smells it on me when I kiss hello.

I think bows are so fun and I got I got this  this little girl ribbon in Marie-Chantal in London. I love that store. I use it to put my hair back or when I’m putting makeup on, it’s nice to have something pretty to wear and then take out. For me, part of putting on makeup is about the process; That’s another thing about beauty with my Mom. It was always about the vanity. I had a huge round vanity I inherited from my Mom. It had the huge mirror that you would sit at to put your makeup on and so to me, it was always about that. Even if I had no makeup, I would pretend. It’s about going through the motions and all the little things associated with it.

I always have a lollipop. This is one of my favorite lollipops, Lemon Meringue by Linda’s Lollies.

Bourjois Khol and Contour 16 Hour Eyeliner. I used to wear this when I was little and we would get it at the grocery store in France. I like to get it when I visit. I’ll either do a severe French actress eye or I’ll wear just mascara, though I never put mascara on the bottom lashes, but I’ll use this eyeliner along the bottom edge in between the eyelashes because I think it helps with definition.

Then I use the YSL Touche Eclat underneath my brow bone and on the inner corners of my eye. The gloss is for the outer corner and both are to help with eye definition. Then the Cle de Peau Concealer in the palest color imaginable is for under my eye. That’s about it. I spread it around and blend it in with my finger, wherever it’s needed. I use it like a foundation in places and dust a little loose powder to set it. I’m not very high maintenance.

Definicil Mascara by Lancome is my go-to, be all, end all with a Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I do my lashes in a very particular way. Someone taught me once to move my mascara wand from left to right and then circle it up as you do it. Shimmy your hand left to right and circle it up to keep the curl. I do multiple layers on the outer corner of my eye, way more than on the rest of the eye lid, which I don’t think that many people do. It’s the batty eye look that makes you look like you have wider lashes. I always curl my eyelashes and I always wear mascara. That was the first makeup I ever wore.

I use Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Soft Brown to pencil in my eyebrow. Having manicured brows are the most important thing.

Sometimes I’ll wear the NARS Cruella Velvet Matte or Lady Danger by MAC, which looks a little funny with red hair but I like it, depending on what I’m wearing. Or I will do a clear gloss. I’m really not a lipstick person. I like to keep my lips neutral because I wear a lot of mascara. It’s a nice balance.

I don’t always carry my makeup bag with me because sometimes I just put things in my pocket and I don’t even carry a purse.”

— Stephanie LaCava, writer; @stephanielacava

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