Makeup Bag: Pamela Love

Makeup Bag: Pamela Love

“Beauty, for me, is definitely about confidence. It’s not about subscribing to any idea of beauty, it’s about feeling comfortable and confident in yourself, feeling like you look the best that you can look. I think it’s also about having fun, like a fantasy. Being able to explore different worlds, almost. It’s a combination of being confident, being happy with how you look, and also being able to have fun with the way you look.

My first experiences with makeup were definitely when I was really little, maybe 6 or so. My grandmother would get the Clinique gift-with-purchase and she would always give me all of the products and I would take them and put them all over my face. I had no idea, no concept of what looked good, but I thought it was so fun to be able to put it on and pretend to be a grown-up. I think I’ve always had a love affair with beauty products, especially makeup, since I was little.  There’s a fantasy element that I’ve always really enjoyed.

As I’ve grown older, I haven’t had as much time to play with makeup like I did when I was younger. I definitely spent a lot of time putting on my makeup when I was in high school and middle school. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had less time.  so for me now, I think it’s more about having those key products that I know I love and that I can put on really quickly. Less about experimentation and more about the old faithful staples. 
I don’t really have a beauty icon. For me it’s about taking my features and doing the best I can with them. I try not to look at somebody else and copy their makeup because what’s going to look good for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another person.

Designing jewelry and beauty is all part of the fantasy — playing dress-up and feeling confident in yourself. I think of jewelry as armor or protection and I feel like when women wear my jewelry they feel really bad ass, strong, and confident. I think that makeup serves the same function. They are both part of this fantasy of being whomever you imagined you want to be that day.

In my makeup bag I have:

Chanel Blush in Rose Bronze: I think it’s a really great color. I’ve been using it for years and it’s really flattering. I even put it on my eyes sometimes. It’s the perfect color for my skin and Chanel just makes such good products.

Stila Eyeliner in Tigers Eye: I have green eyes so I like a lot of these red, brown, purple-y colors that bring out green. This pencil is such a perfect one. It’s really soft, it goes on effortlessly, it smudges right, and it’s just really pretty. I’ve been wearing it religiously for a few years now.

MAC Eyeshadow in Embark: It’s another rusty, purple-y brown that’s really good for green eyes. It’s good for bringing out the color. I wear this eyeshadow day and night.

DiorShow Brown Mascara:For mascara, I never wear black, I always wear brown. I like long lashes but I want to imagine that they’re natural and I feel like if they’re brown, they are a little more natural. The DiorShow Brown is a really good one.

Korres Lip Gloss in Pomegranate: I really like these lip glosses from Korres. I have them in a bunch of colors but the color I have in my makeup bag right now is Pomegranate. They’re all sheer colors but my lips are always dry and they’re really great for moisture and for a bit of color.

Lancome in Lucky Kiss: I like a lot of lip colors that are nude, almost the color of your lips but they give a plumping effect. This one makes your lips looks really full and plump without really doing anything too crazy.

Brow Set (from MAC): I also really like eyebrow gel because I’m trying to grow my eyebrows out right now and they’re a nightmare. I was one of those girls who tweezed their eyebrows her whole life, growing up in south Florida where everyone’s eyebrows were a line. Trying to grow them back out so they look normal, I use this tinted eyebrow gel from MAC.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Moisturizer: It’s a great moisturizer that I discovered a couple years ago and I love it. It’s amazingly moisturizing.

Clarins Face Oil: When I don’t feel like using a moisturizer, I prefer using an oil. I don’t get crazy blemishes but I do get dry skin and so for that, sometimes you need the big guns. You can’t get away with a moisturizer, you actually need to put oil on your face.

Armani Foundation: I don’t really like foundation; my problem isn’t necessarily blemishes or anything, it’s dryness. Foundation doesn’t help with the dryness. Just putting a moisturizer and an oil helps with the dryness. If I were to go out and wear foundation, it’s Armani. It’s really good isn’t too heavy ; it makes for a flawless finish.

Joanna Vargas: I use a lot of products from Joanna Vargas. They’re really cleansing and they make your skin feel great. My favorite is the Rejuvenating Serum.

Sisley Lipstick in L25: I love red lipstick. It’s beautiful. It’s a really nice rich red.

Maybelline 14-Hour Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge: I like things to stay on for a really long time. This one is a bright matte red. I like a matte red sometimes. I wear red once in a blue moon because I think it’s very glamorous. There’s something very French about it and I almost feel like a different person. It changes your face and sometimes it’s nice to have a change.

I like nail polish a lot. I love Essie, I think they’re great. I also really like Deborah Lippmann. I love hot pink or a dark purple or a deep red.  I don’t get to paint my nails very often because I work with my hands so much, so when I paint my toes, I go crazy. The other day I had metallic silver, that almost looked like tin foil. It’s fun to be able to go crazy with that.

Covergirl Eye Brightening Shadow Palette in Vivid Green: I’m a fan of those eye brightening products that everyone has now. Every brand has an eyeshadow that’s good if you have green eyes or an eyeshadow that’s good if you have blue eyes. I wear this when I feel like wearing a smoky eye when I’m going out. I put a lot of the reddish brown around the eye and then fan it out with something lighter. Sometimes I’ll put a little of the Chanel blush on, to add to it.Korr

My makeup bag is a black bag from a drugstore. I always carry my makeup bag with me. I never know, when I leave for work, when I’m coming home, if I have to go somewhere. I’ve been like that my whole life — I always needed an extra big purse so I can carry all my makeup.” –Pamela Love

*Pamela Love is the founder and designer of the Pamela Love jewelry line; @pamelalovenyc

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