Let Your Skin Breathe In The New Year

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Let Your Skin Breathe In The New Year

Holiday partying can really take a toll on your precious skin…
So, while you make the party rounds this year, remember this skin advice from Guest Editor Di Gaeta.

Sometimes we forget, but our skin is actually alive! It’s hundreds and thousands of cells, living and breathing and shifting around right under the surface. And those cells deserve a breath every now and then. Plus, a lack of “air” can make your skin seem sallow and dull. That’s when Oxygen products come to the rescue. These products have a stable form of Hydrogen peroxide that not only neutralize bacteria – no more breakouts (YAY) – but also dissolve into pure oxygen on your skin (no more sallow skin!).

Now, for my favorites…

The geniuses at SKN, a dermatologist’s practice in Beverly Hills, make an entire unbelievable line of Pure Oxygen products. My pick, if I’m forced to choose, is their Blue Mask. It leaves skin completely cleansed and tightened with a super smooth sheen. Check out the whole line at www.loveyourskn.com.

My other treasured item is the Oxygen Cream by Natura Bisse Barcelona. This cream is light and delicate with a wonderful just-cleaned laundry smell. Whenever I want to wake up with a flawless complexion, this is my choice. They also make a mask that I recommend, but it is a clear gel and I’m partial to more clay type masks like the blue one.

One last thing… Here’s my routine. First, I exfoliate, then I slather on the blue mask for fifteen minutes, and follow it all with the Natura Bisse cream, Finally, I hit the hay. I swear by this routine, my skin has never felt more alive, peachy and, well…like it just got the perfect amount of sleep!

Xoxo Di

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