Kosas Cosmetics Saturate + Illuminate Creme Duos

Kosas Cosmetics Saturate + Illuminate Creme Duos

I was an early adopter, one of the earliest adopters, of Kosas Cosmetics, by sheer luck. I know Sheena, the Founder and Creator, personally, and she was excited about her little lark line of four lipsticks that she was formulating. Sheena is both beautiful and brainy, she actually studied Biology and Chemistry in college, and she’s genuinely lovely and kind and someone you want to see succeed. She passed me the first four colors from her lip line as a gift to try, and I immediately knew she had made something special. I was an instant Kosasphile and gifted my girlfriends her colors that Christmas and brought it with me to more than one photoshoot to intro the line to some great makeup artists.

Undone is the most gorgeous brown-pink nude and Darkroom and Fringe are my go-to bold lip colors. Rosewater, when smudged with a fingertip, gives the most beautiful bitten-lip hue imaginable.

Since those days, of course, Kosas lipsticks and their vanilla-orange scent and natural ingredients are pretty much everywhere and are massively respected, praised, and coveted in the beauty industry. Goop has them, Barney’s sells them, Violet Grey recommends them. But this post is not about the lips, it’s about her new cheek and highlight duos.

In full disclosure, even though Sheena is gifting me some of the other sets to try, I bought Saturate + Illuminate Creme in 8th Muse outright from her website. I love a cream blush; if I can use my fingertips to apply and skip the brushes, I’m in. I also know Sheena’s taste level and exacting nature and I knew she wouldn’t follow up her lipsticks with anything less than the best, and I was right.

I typically do my own hair and makeup for events, as I like to feel like myself out in the world, and I relied on 8th muse to give me flush and golden glow. It’s literally the prettiest pink blush I’ve ever used, and the gold highlighter – when tapped on and smoothed – is perfect. It’s a dreamy compact that I plan on replacing before this one runs out.

The texture is creamy and buildable and soft, the way you expect things to be from magazines but never are in real life. The compact itself is chic and portable and perfect in any clutch for touch-ups, if needed. This is a dry skin gal’s best friend.

I haven’t yet tried the powder version of the duos; the pink pair called Longitude Zero is coming. From the ingredient description, I know it may be more matte than the cream, but I don’t expect it to be in any way drying. I’m also eager to try Velvet Melon, another creme duo, as the Kosas website suggests it’s a dark circle buster, and I’m a sucker for multi-functional products.

Bottom line, Kosas duos are like their lip colors: lush, luxurious, richly-hued, natural ingredient-packed, sleek little cosmetic miracles.

–By Di Gaeta Marshall-Green, actress and artist

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