Katharine Towne’s Beauty Tips – Part II

Katharine Towne’s Beauty Tips – Part II

Here’s Part II of actress Katharine Towne’s exclusive red-carpet beauty tips…

Kate Towne and MORE products!

“On my lips I have been using Stila Lip Glaze in Peach. I like it because you can layer it into more of a lipstick, or use it lightly just as a tint. But it still has the wonderful full-on luster of a gloss, and I love me some whore mouth.

I always have my Rembrandt Whitening Pen with me. I can literally be walking into a meeting put it on in the elevator and by the time I get in the room my teeth are two shades whiter! It really helps get off the tea and what have you of the week. And again, a pen so portable and lovable.

My cuticles get horribly dry and start to look like someones little silly dog has been using them as a chew toy. So I carry around Dr. Hauschka’s Neem Oil. I like it because it isn’t too oily and doesn’t get all over my pretty things.

is my friend. No doubt. I would eat this stuff if I didn’t think it would make me fat. I put it under my eyes to sleep, on my cuticles to sleep, on my brow bone when I am out and need something extra and on my cheekbones. If you use this under your eyes focus on the outer edge and where crow’s feet would be. It is meant for dry cracked skin so I figure if I keep it there all the time I will never dry out or crack! Hah, God! In you face! (And it’s cheap.)

For scent, I layer lots of stuff. I use La Maison de la Vanille Vanille Divine Des Tropiques. I also use Terranove Pikake. These are both so affordable and layer so well with other fragrance. The vanilla is nice because it is a tropical vanilla and laced with hints of the islands. The pikake is a great island scent as well. All very tropical. Very floral but not powdery or sweet. Just juicy sexy times. I also always carry a scent with me. The one I have now is Voluspa Tuberose Agave. It is a roll on oil. There is nothing dusty or musky about it, just pure flower. It also doesn’t leak and has beautiful old school aqua, black and gold packaging.

For body moisturizer (and so i don’t look like the living dead) I have been using . It is the only tanner I have found that doesn’t get streaky or orange. I do wipe around my ankles and don’t apply as much around my knees. And it also doesn’t smell like donkey balls.

Anyone who doesn’t use Davines hair care products is, in my opinion, bonkers. I use the lovely smoothing shampoo conditioner for harsh or frizzy hair, because my hair is highlighted. I also use the defining drops. Besides that the lovely products are a lovely shade of baby pink, these products have kept my hair unbelievable healthy and never stops working. The vegetarian miracle conditioner that they make can nurse anyone’s hair back from disaster. Also Davines creates everything with sustainable energy. So whatever, that’s cool.”


Thanks to Kate for sharing her amazing beauty secrets…

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