K-Beauty Fall/ Winter 2017 Trends

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K-Beauty Fall/ Winter 2017 Trends

Every season we turn to our friends at K-Beauty mega online retailer, Glow Recipe, to get the latest and greatest in all things Korean skincare. Co-founder Sarah Lee shared four of fall’s most magical K-beauty trends. From poreless skin (a girl can dream!) to all-natural sleeping masks, here’s what’s hot in the K-beauty skincare stratosphere:


The term ‘glass skin’ is actually a really common one to hear in Korea – it refers to the ideal state of skin, where it looks clear, poreless, translucent, and luminous — like a piece of glass! The secret to achieving glass skin is a well rounded skincare routine, of course, with emphasis on deep cleansing and regular exfoliation, but most importantly, glass skin is about layering lightweight layers of hydrators that help to plump and firm skin over time. We curate a brand called Yuri Pibu, which directly translates to ‘Glass Skin’, and their Artichoke Power Essence and Cucu Black Truffle Serum were specifically formulated with this trend/ skin ideal in mind. Each is packed with high percentages of it’s namesake ingredient: artichoke to plump skin and minimize pores, black truffle to firm and smooth.
Sensitivity is huge concern for many people – it can be ingredient or texture based, depending on each individual. We’re seeing an outcropping of new lines specifically formulated to work wonders on sensitive skin, promising all the skincare benefits of a traditional routine without sensitizing delicate, reactive skin types. These next-level brands for sensitive skin don’t scream ‘medicinal’ or look boring at all. Two lines we’re loving are Make P:rem’s ‘Safe Me’ line (soon to be renamed ‘Bare Me’) and IDAZ’s Dermastic range. Th Safe Me line isa  pared down, results-forward one that works in tandem with the skin to balance pH and strengthen the moisture barrier. The Safe Me Cream has an especially lovely texture that nourishes skin without feeling balmy or greasy. The Safe Me sheet mask has just 12 ingredients, yet delivers serious hydration and glow.
The IDAZ Dermastic line was formulated by one of the top plastic surgery/ dermatology clinics in Korea, ID Hospital. The Dermastic line includes a cleansertonercreameye cream, and essence – all formulated to calm and nourish ultra-sensitized, post facial skin. The Essence works wonders when skin is feeling stressed and irritated, working to calm and soothe with ceramide and neroli.
The 7 Skin Method is still trending in Korea, and is beloved for use in the colder months when skin is more sensitive. The beauty of the 7 skin method is that it can be used to pare down the skincare routine while actually amping up the benefits – by patting in 3-7 layers of hydrating toner, the skin is activated with hydration, feels plumped, firmed, and looks ultra-dewy and smooth. We recommend using toners free of alcohol, such as the Whamisa Deep Rich TonerMake P:rem Micro Toner, or Whamisa by Glow Recipe Green Tea Toner. It’s all about customization and finding specific ingredients that your skin loves to maximize hydration and dewiness without heaviness.
K-beauty is all about ingredients – and concentrated naturals are continuing to have a moment. Our multi-sellout Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask was inspired by this philosophy. Watermelon Glow is an all-in-one radiance boosting, exfoliating sleeping mask that works to hydrate, smooth, and plump skin overnight so you wake up to a post-facial glow. The idea of concentrated naturals also influenced our recent collaboration with Whamisa, Whamisa by Glow Recipe. We worked to create formulas with >40% Green Tea and Chai Tea extracts to maximize and extend the incredible antioxidant and soothing properties of these ingredients, without adding anything unnecessary to the formulas themselves.
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