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I only recently discovered this model while rummaging the internet for pictures of beautiful women to add to my tumblr account. If you haven’t checked out my tumblr account, you must do so immediately! CLICK HERE! There is a spread of Natasha shot by photographer David Hamilton for Muse Magazine (I believe it was from 2009) and it is literally breath-taking. Obviously, much of the credit is attributed to Hamilton’s eye for detail, his use of light and space and his ability to capture both innocence and sexuality all within a single shot. If you are unfamiliar with David Hamilton’s work, google him asap. He’s insanely talented.

Back to Natasha. She’s waify, like a Kate Moss, which gives her that girlish charm. But unlike Kate, she’s a bit more girly, a bit less grunge. And she has that versatility – as most models must – to transform herself from demure and vulnerable to sexy and playful to straight-up hot.

Not to mention that face was made for makeup. The cheekbones are perfectly angled, the skin is flawless with a light golden glow, lips well plumped, the eyes almost naturally cat-shaped. She wears red lips with the best of them or a dark, smoky eye like no other.

How much is retouched? Probably all of it. But she’s still pretty to look at. And the hair/ makeup still gives me inspiration for looks I’d like to try this season…

This is how you rock a red – eyes are lined, but lips remain the focal point.

Hair accessories are hot this season.

 Nude lip with a beautiful cat eye – notice the white, shimmer-lined inner corners of the eyes. It’s a trick to make eyes appear wider and brighter.

Part of the David Hamilton shoot for Muse Magazine. Very natural and innocent with glowing skin.

What a sexy smoky eye! And tangerine lips are very trendy for summer. But don’t wear them together, please.

 This is a really beautiful gilded look – always in-trend. Eyes, lips and skin are all gold-hued.

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