The latter part of Mia Farrow’s life has been overshadowed by controversy – largely due to her longtime boyfriend, Woody Allen, marrying her adopted daughter, Soon Yi. Never-the-less, in her earlier years, Farrow was quite the movie star.

Married to Frank Sinatra, lead actress in the Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror hit, Rosemary’s Baby, Farrow looked and played the part of Hollywood starlet to perfection. She was that natural beauty mixed with feminine innocence that the late 1960’s was churning out in droves. But Mia Farrow stood out from the crowd- she had something rare. For one thing, that bone structure is unparalleled. Not many can pull off a boy cut and still look so damn angelic. And then there are those eyes, beautiful yet soulful. But it’s the hair – the pixie cut, that really made Mia Farrow a star.

Like 1960’s model Twiggie, when Farrow chopped her locks into a short pixie, it became an instant hit. One that is still emulated today with the likes of celebrities like Emma Watson and Michelle Williams. So few can pull it off like Mia, and so few have. She literally legitimized the boy cut on women – making it sexy and feminine and glamorous. And for that, Farrow is a timeless beauty inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorite Mia Farrow images:








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