My obsession with Jane Birkin lies far beyond the fact that she is the inspiration behind the coveted Hermes Birkin bag (quite a noble feat). In my opinion, the British born actress and singer is, quite possibly, the sexiest woman to come out of 1960’s London (GASP! Yes, I made that grand a statement).

Here’s why. She was a total hippy but still quite the femme fatale. Her real life played out more exciting than a movie (just read up on her love affair with co-star and father of daughter, Charlotte, Serge Gainsbourg, and you’ll get my drift). She loved being naked and is photographed much of the time in the nude – and has quite the body – and the breasts – for such photos. She gave the blob (long bob) air time WAY before Gwyneth was even a household name – and she never had the overdone feeling or look to her hair. It always seemed like she got out of bed and that’s how it fell naturally (which is so perfectly effortless but still chic). The long bangs that became Birkin’s definitive hair statement are still on trend FIFTY years later! She has the most mesmerizing eyes that are never overdone, but always emphasized with the right amount of mascara to give that vava lash look that we still emulate today (and as I always say, eyes make the lady classic). Her lips could rival any of the pucker’s we currently adore – and this was way before Restylane and fillers were created. She just knew how to pout for the camera!

But, most importantly, Jane Birkin, has a natural beauty that can’t be store-bought. It’s not about the makeup or the highlights or the blowouts, not like today’s super celebs. Jane’s got the stuff that comes from inner beauty and serious confidence and that radiates as timeless and classic.

Here are some of my favorite Jane Birkin images:

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