Inspiration: American Hustle Hair

Inspiration: American Hustle Hair

Award season is my favorite time of year. Gorgeous gowns, glowing skin, and great movies. In honor of the Golden Globes (this Sunday!), we’re taking a look at one movie that is sure to lend red carpet inspiration to its leading ladies (and many other actresses): American Hustle. Here, celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa gives us two equally fetching ‘do’s inspired by the 1970’s crime drama.

The BIG Beachwave

Amy Adams (left) sported some fabulous hair in American Hustle. These waves can be achieved with a couple simple tips.

1. Start by adding a mousse, like Aussie’s Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner to damp hair and blow dry upward. This will add shine and volume all over.
2. Then go section by section and tease the root with a tension comb that will naturally add volume to the hair.
3. Using the Beachwaver [by Sarah Potempa], select left or right (based on the side of the hair you are curling) and press “GO.” This curling iron will do all the work for you to create uniform curls like Amy’s character.
4. The key to making these curls big and voluminous is to set each curl with a small duckbill silver clip.
5. To finish the look, do not brush out the curls. Simply run your fingers through to get separation.

The “GLAM” Updo

As seen on Jennifer Lawrence (right).

1. Start by applying a major volumizing product, like Aussie’s Volume Spray Gel, to the roots of damp or dry hair and blow dry upward.
2. Pull hair into a high loose bun and continue to dry to increase volume at root.
3. Then curl hair in medium size hot rollers, starting at the root and rolling back at the crown. Then roll the pieces around the face downward and away from the face to create a sweeping bang.
4. Using the Wrap-Up [by Sarah Potempa] , pull all hair (except bangs) through and roll up into a modern French twist, bending the ends in and securing with 2 bobby pins, and leaving the top out to showcase the curl on top.

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