In A Flash: Products That Beautify In 5 Minutes (Or Less…)

In A Flash: Products That Beautify In 5 Minutes (Or Less…)

We live in an era of NOW. Virtually anything you want can be acquired through a click of  your finger (giving new meaning to the saying “at your fingertips”), from a meal in minutes (hello, Postmates) to a car service ASAP (Uber, please) to a mani/ pedi while you type (thanks, Glamsquad).

To say we’re spoiled would be the understatement of the century: Gen Z (is that what we’re calling it these days?) is lazy AF (see, we can’t even type out the entire word so we have to use acronyms). But that’s okay, because there are a bevy of products just waiting to work their magic on you — in 5 minutes or less. In other words, get the results you want three minutes from now, now (not in 4-6 weeks!).

Perfect skin? Duh. A few trips to the derm, a new skincare regimen, a facial (or two), these things take time. Opt instead for Clarins Flash Balm ($47) and get that coveted flawless complexion in the time it takes to apply the primer. It’ll even out squinting, smooth fine lines and pores, and give skin an overall pick-me-up.

Speaking of complexions, Cecilia Wong’s Blemish Peel Mask ($68) will have your congested, dull complexion gorgeous, glowing, younger, healthier, and nighttime ready in 3-5 minutes. Use bi-weekly for your best face yet. It works, we promise.

Onto brows: Thick arches are on-trend but our thinned out nineties brows aren’t cooperating. Sure, we can throw on some growth serum, wait 6-8 weeks for new hair growth, and grimace every time we look in the mirror and see those stray hairs. Or we can use Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel ($24), which has actually fibers that adhere to the skin and hair creating brows where before there were none. It’s like magic (and only takes 30 seconds for the faux growth to occur).

Dry hair making life (and your tresses) miserable? A night of olive oil and a shower cap really does work, but who has time like that? Not us. TIGI’s Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Treatment Mask ($15) works in minutes (under 5) to seal split ends and, add shine, and make your mane soft again.

For second day hair today (i.e. hair that’s not all puffy and too-clean-to-look-cute), try Hairstory’s New Wash ($60). It doesn’t lather (sulfate-free, thank you very much), but it still cleans without stripping natural oils (it literally balances every type of hair with essential oils that act with the same mechanism as detergent (the ability to remove undesired substances), but they do so selectively: They distinguish between the good and the bad, only removing what is necessary). Thus you’ve got your second day hair today, but totally clean and puff-free.

Want shiny strands in seconds? Redken Shine Flash 02 ($17) is the OG of shine serums… and it’s in the convenience of a spray. You literally spritz onto hair and it looks like you walked out of a salon. Glossy, gorgeous, and not a flyaway in sight.


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