I Spy An Eye Primer

I Spy An Eye Primer

Fellow beauty enthusiast and Beauty Banter reader, Amanda Adwell, gives a “5 kiss” recommendation for Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

I’ve never used this stuff, but after reading Amanda’s rave review, I’m heading to my nearest Too Faced retailer (or clicking HERE) to purchase a tube!

Here’s what Amanda has to say:

“In a nutshell, this stuff is a godsend because I normally end up with creasy eye shadow halfway through the day. The first day I used it, I put my makeup on at 6am for work and by the end of the day it was still looking as fresh as when I first put it on, which has NEVER happened before. I even use it if I am just wearing mascara because it makes my eyes look brighter. The tube will last me a long time as well, the tiniest dab of it covered my entire eyelid. A little goes a long way and it comes in a super cute tube, too!”

Bye-bye crusty, creasy eye shadow!

**P.S. I always encourage recommendations, so if you LOVE a product, tell us about it!!! We want to share the beauty! After all, this site isn’t called Beauty BANTER simply so that we can have a monologue (frankly, I’m sick of hearing myself… kidding!). Let’s partake in a dialogue, ladies… Let’s banter all things beauty!**

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