I Just Have To…

I Just Have To…

This just came to me today in an email:

David Beckham’s Instinct embodies the inner strength and power that all men possess, the intuition that drives ambition and results in success. It begins with an invigorating flash of bright Italian bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin leaf notes. Next, an unexpected trio of provocation strikes via a blend of spicy red pimento, warm star anise and fusing cardamom notes. The scent ends with a seductive wave of precious Haiti vetiver, intense patchouli and an almost touchable hint of white amber.http://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

It then said, “Let me know if you’d like a sample.”
I wrote back, “I’d like David. In person, please!”

I Heart David Beckham. And I know he’s married, with kids, but he is like a fine piece of art work… so much fun to admire. SO, if he’s concocted a scent that smells like him, then maybe through some Weird Science osmosis, he who wears it will look like him as well!

Here’s to wishfull thinking….

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