How, When, & Why To Wear Brown Eyeliner

How, When, & Why To Wear Brown Eyeliner

Brown eyeliner seems like a makeup bag staple, but few of us actually use it. Instead, we opt for the much more popular black. But there is a case to be made that brown eyeliner works better with some specific looks — and for certain skin tones and hair colors.

Read below to get the how, when, and why to wear brown eyeliner. Who knows, it may just become your favorite new liner hue!

Skin tones and hair colors that look better with brown eyeliner than black:
If you have red hair, pale-to-medium skin, if you have blonde hair, pale or light skin, or for a more natural look on medium and deeper complexions (see below for more on the latter). You can use a pencil to line the waterline, or a powder to line just under the lower lash line.

When you want to line your eyes, but you’re going for a softer look:
Black liner on the bottom waterline makes your eyes appear smaller: Fact. Brown makes them appear less small, and it’s a bit more — dare we say — natural. It still gives the look of an underlined eye, but without the high dose of drama that comes with black. Looks great with a winged upper lash line cat eye.

When you wear white eyeliner on top lash line:
White eyeliner is a tough look to pull off, but when done correctly, it’s powerful. Line the bottom waterline with a brown pencil instead of black to give you definition without the stark contrast of black and white.

If you’re doing a brown/ bronze monochromatic face:
Monochromatic looks are major right now, and a gold, brown, or bronze eye, cheek, and lip, should be accompanied by a brown liner. It’ll give the face more of a seamless monochrome effect. In other words, it blends in; it doesn’t stand out.

If you wear brown mascara:
Yes, you can do brown mascara and black eyeliner, but brown and brown will make the eye look more balanced. This is an ideal daytime look, when you’re not wanting to seem too made up. Try it.

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Check out the slideshow above for brown liner inspiration.

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