How-To: Side Chignon

How-To: Side Chignon

As they say in Wedding Crasher’s… it’s wedding season (or just about). As the flowers begin to bloom and snow boots are replaced by strappy sandals, love inevitably seems to be in the air. And that means lots of weddings to attend (or, if you’re the lucky one – vows to exchange)!

With the change in weather and wardrobe comes a change in your beauty routine. Light creams take over where heavy creams left off, SPF is increased and hair most likely goes up. This season – for wedding or beach – try your hair in a side chignon, a contemporary twist on the classic updo. Jennifer Lawrence recently wore her hair in a messy side chignon and one of my all time favorite updos was a side bun on Ms. Penelope Cruz. How far left or right and how messy you choose to go is up to you. You can also rock this look with bangs or completely slicked back. Get creative, practice and make heads turn with your glam slam undo.

I asked celebrity hair stylist Kylee Heath (who has tamed the tresses of Hayden Panettiere and Diane Kruger, among others) for her quick and easy side chignon how-to. Yes, this is simple enough to be done at home — and within minutes!

PREP: This updo looks best on second day hair.
1. Part your hair on whichever side it falls naturally. If you usually part your hair in the center and don’t know which side is more flattering, everyone has an eye that is slightly lower than the other. Part your hair on the side with the lower eye. It will create the illusion of symmetry!
2. Section hair from the top of your head down to the back of the right ear and from the top of your head down to the left ear. Take the back section and pull it to the side, opposite the part, and secure it with a hair tie. Have bobby pins handy.
3. Tie the ponytail into a knot, hold it in place and secure it with bobby pins. You need a bobby pin where your fingers are holding so when you let go it will stay in place.
4. Then loosely pull back the front sections. This is where you can get a little more creative. If you want volume, tease the hair lightly at the roots and be sure to have a little bit of a texture in the hair. You can also do a braid or a twist on one side for some extra fun.
5. If you want it sleek, pull the hair back tight, pinning it into the knot/ bun you created.
6. Finish by spraying a light hairspray or a shine spray all over.

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