How to Really Use Everything in a Makeup Palette

How to Really Use Everything in a Makeup Palette

Beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and makeup fanatics rejoice at the news of the latest makeup palette. There are literal waitlists for coveted palettes featuring rainbows of eyeshadow like the Kylie Royal Peach Palette, the Urban Decay Naked palettes, and MAC’s latest tease, the “Basic Bitch” palette. Makeup palettes are definitely à la mode, and some come with a combo of eyeshadows, lip colors, and blushes.

These palettes should make our beauty routines a breeze, but honestly they can be overwhelming. Unless you’re the Kardashian’s MUA Mario Dedivanovic, chances are you’ve only touched about three shades in the palette and scratch your head at how you’ll ever use that yellow shadow.

Before you throw in the towel, read on for some tips on how to take full advantage of those little makeup palettes…

Understand your eyeshadow palette. There’s a purpose behind every color in the palette: base colors, accent colors, and highlight colors. A-ha!. Knowing this makes it easier to use every shade in the pack and really get the full use of that $54. Check out a makeup tutorial to learn how to crease, contour, and highlight eyes with shadows. Now, to master the anatomy of the eyelid.

Repurpose. You know that eyeshadow color that’s just too harsh, what about mixing it with some Vaseline and creating a  new lip color? Or a cheek stain? And what about that gorge blush color as eye shadow and vice versa! Ran out of eyebrow pencil? Custom blend a brow color with some of those dark eye shadows. And there’s really no need to buy colored eyeliner, use a tiny brush dipped in water, take your pick of the colors in your palette, and voilà. Mix it up and make sure to get good use of everything in the palette.

Ombré, EVERYTHING. Ombré is soooo having a trend resurgence right now and it’s not just on our hair. Use every color in those palettes to ombré eyes, lips, and even cheekbones to contoured perfection.

Layer and customize. Since we’ve got every shade imaginable in a convenient little palette, the color possibilities are endless. Mix colors together to create an eye shadow that truly suits you. Same goes for palettes with lip color, you can literally create a different lip shade for every day of the week. Don’t be afraid to become an artist; creativity is key.

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