How To Make Your Under Eye Concealer Stay Put

How To Make Your Under Eye Concealer Stay Put

Dark circles do not discriminate… everyone get’s them, and they’re a major pain. Let’s repeat that: Every skin type – from dry to oily – and every skin tone – from pale to deep – is subject to the plague that is dark circles, a.k.a. sleepless nights showing on your face.

Worse is that the antidote – hiding the darkness with concealer and powder – can actually intensify fine lines and wrinkles under and around the eyes, making you look older (NO, THANK YOU). WTF?! So, what do you do if concealer and powder will create a cakey situation that’ll diminish the dark circles (hopefully) but increase the noticeability of fine lines?

Worry not, we’ve got a plan. We recently read a makeup artist tip for (finally!) getting rid of the appearance of dark circles without adding cakiness and, in turn, accentuating fine lines.

Here’s how to make your under eye concealer stay put, without powder (and without adding years to your age):

Start your under eye concealer process not with concealer, but with an eyeshadow primer. Why? Because a good eyeshadow primer is meant to fill in cracks and creases (just like a good face primer does, too), and the primer also assures that the wet concealer will last hours longer (just like it makes actual shadow shades last, as well). While you’re at it, dab some shadow primer onto your lids. It’s amazing what a difference this makes in the vibrancy of the pigments used on eyes.

We did this with Covergirl’s Lid Lock Up ($8) and Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Concealer, and our under eye area was raccoon-free, fine lines minimized, everything appear fresh and bright by night’s end. Invest in multi-correcting under eye concealer if you want to really cover-up stubborn darkness, your daily concealer won’t cut it — so invest in something specifically meant for under the eyes (trust us!). We like the Becca one because it color corrects, thanks to the pinkish hue that counteracts blue, it conceals, and it adds a hint of highlight to brighten and lighten the area.

If you’re going with a heavy under eye concealer sans the highlighting effect, make sure to add a dab of cream (not powder!) highlighter to the concealer to give it the illusion of brightness. Then let everything set (a.k.a. dry), and you’re good to go — with a perfectly lightened and brightened eye area, sans the cakey, creased fine lines.

Remember: no powder on top! Not even a brightening powder — use a cream brightener / illuminator if you must, but skip all powders all together.

Under eye powder will age you. Don’t believe us? Try this tip yourself, and let us know how it works for you in the comment section below.

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