How To Maintain Hair Color… Tips From A Pro

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By September 29, 2008 4 Comments

How To Maintain Hair Color… Tips From A Pro

George Papanikolas of the Andy Lecompte Salon, and our new favorite baliage colorist (that’s George on the left!), dishes **exclusively** for Beauty Banter on how to keep colored hair lasting longer (so that you’re not spending so much time (and money) in the salon)!

Here are George’s tips, tricks and product suggestions:

– WAIT 2 DAYS to wash your hair so that the color can set in.

– Use shampoo specific for color-treated hair. George’s Pick: Joico’s re:nu Age Defying Shampoo and Conditioner. “I love this shampoo because it gently cleanses the hair, while restoring softness
and manageability. Strengthens hair, leaving it significantly more resistant to breakage. Prolongs the longevity and vibrancy of color-treated hair,” says George.
Remember, the more you wash your hair, the quicker it oxidizes (turns orange, red and brassy… NASTY!) So, try using a dry shampoo in between washes to clean hair without the harsh effects of a real shampoo, absorb excess oil and add volume (check back tomorrow for Dry Shampoo tips and benefits!).

– Avoid volumizing shampoos and conditioners as they tend to strip the color because of the ingredients that allow them to give you added volume (they are meant to be more clarifying, thus they are a very heavy, deep clean).

– Keep color hair healthy by using weekly treatments. ” I recommend Joico’s K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. It leaves the hair shiny, strong and in a healthy, manageable state. The results are immediate. There is a difference in strength, texture and appearance,” explains George. “I follow this with Joico’s K-Pak Intense Hydrator which replenishes moisture and lipids to overly dry, damaged hair, rendering it manageable, soft, shiny and hydrated.”

– People who get a single process (straight up hair color) can use color depositing shampoos (the ones that add color – a NO NO for highlighted hair!). Use every other time you shampoo or dilute it with your normal everyday shampoo because too much of it can turn ends purple.

– If you must be in the sun, wear a hat!!! And try to stay out of the pool. If you are an avid swimmer, you may need a colored gloss in between a full head of color to freshen it up and give hair that nice shine and lustre.

– If you’re receiving a single process (full color – no highlights), you should return to the salon every 4 to 6 weeks (or when your roots have grown a half-an-inch).
For highlights and baliage, maintenance it’s every 10 to 12 weeks.

– And, lastly, just as a FYI – red color fades the fastest, blonde stays the longest (although you’ll need to touch-up roots more often, especially if you have naturally dark hair and roots).

Thanks to George for all of his fabulous, A-list hair-care secrets!!!

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