How To: Keep Hydrated In A Polar Vortex

How To: Keep Hydrated In A Polar Vortex

Winter is upon us, making the phrase “baby, it’s cold outside” seem significantly less cute than it did last month. The season isn’t doing any favors for our skin, hair, or nails. Unless the weather Gods decide to grant us some divine intervention, we admit that we need hydration help… STAT. To survive these frigid temps, here are the best tips and tricks (and of course product must-haves) to get you through to spring. Eye on the prize, people; spring is just a month away!

1. Although you may be more inclined to fill your water bottle when the temperatures are scorching, hydrating is just as important (if not more so!) during the winter. If you’re having trouble downing enough fluids, try eating water-dense foods such as cucumbers, strawberries, and broccoli.

2. If your hair is feeling dry and brittle, coat it with a rich mask for extra moisture. Davines MINU Hair Mask ($32) gives hair some major TLC without weighing it down, thanks to hydrating caper blossom extract. Tip: After coating your strands in a hair mask, put on a disposable shower cap for twenty minutes before rinsing for extra hydration. This is a great time to fold laundry, vacuum,  or check Instagram.

3. During winter, there are two times your hands should always be covered: When you’re outside and when you’re in bed! Seriously. Just like you wear gloves when braving the outside forces, use socks as mittens in bed after smearing coconut oil ($10) on your hands. Not exactly a sexy bedtime look, but your hands will thank you for the extra hydration. This trick works just as well on your feet, too.

4. Oil, oil, and more oil! Your skin will soak it up faster than a french fry. If you’ve been shying away from oil for fear of grease, it is officially time to get over it. Dehydrated skin craves moisture from oil. This topic deserves sub-bullets, so bear with us.

– Regular soap can be harsh and drying on sensitive skin. Instead, try L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil ($25). It cleans while simultaneously moisturizing with a mild almond scent. Even the most super sensitive skin will adore it!

– To remove makeup without stripping your skin, Tatcha Pure Step Camellia Cleansing Oil ($48) should be your go-to. It even removes waterproof mascara, which is obviously essential when there are gale force winds that causes your eyes to tear the moment you step outside.

– Before doing your makeup, try BeautyCounter Lustro Face Oil ($64) to lightly moisturize and even out skin. This gives a layer of hydration coupled with an all day glow, but without the slightest bit of slickness or grease.

– For dryness anywhere on your body – from hair, to elbows, to heels – smear on Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil ($52). This stuff is as good as the purest Marrakech oil, but without the need to travel.

5. Winter colds are a given, which means that red Rudolph noses are in tow. Fun!… not.  For chapped, dry patches of skin, smear on First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($30). Redness be gone.

6. Skin can look a bit lackluster and ruddy in these dry conditions, so a good base is key. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream ($29) is a new tinted moisturizer hybrid product that really lives up to all the hype.  It gets major props for the added SPF 30. Sunscreen is a must year round, even in the dead of winter.

7. It’s way too cold  to leave the house with wet hair in the AM, but blow drying is super drying for your locks. Instead, wash at night and let your hair dry in two loose braids while you’re sleeping. The result: Perfect beach waves when you wake. Give your strands some added shine and hydration with DryBar Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-in Conditioner ($29).

8. Healthy fats can do wonders for your skin. We’re talking flaxseed, walnuts, and avocados, not ice cream and potato chips. Load up on monosaturated fats like Omega-3 fatty acids for glowing skin and nails, and healthy, shiny locks.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you brave this final stretch of frigid weather. And don’t fret, we’ll be here when you’re freaking out about humidity… although I’m pretty sure any of us would currently welcome that problem.


Casey Sharbaugh currently resides in New York City and works in the fashion industry. In her spare time, you can find Casey spinning, trying new beauty products, or browsing the city for the best ice cream cone. Find her on Twitter at @caseyhshar


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