How To: Hightlight Eyes

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How To: Hightlight Eyes

This is a must-have, expert tip for anyone searching for an extra 8 hours of blissful sleep (yes, all of us)…. I do this everyday, it takes less than a minute and makes all the difference – even if I’m just wearing a bit of tinted moisturizers and possibly some mascara. My eyes are deep set so a little pop makes them look more awake and alive. It’s truly saved my eyes.

Read on, ladies…

To open up small eyes, wake up tired eyes, or just give peepers an overall pop, line the inner corners of eyes with a white hue (like Blake Lively – above). This trick is genius for the ladies whose eyes may be positioned closer together. White-rimmed eyes actually give the illusion that eyes are set further apart. The art of highlighting. And who said makeup wasn’t an art form? Shame on them!

You can use a white pencil or a highlighter, matte or shimmer. Either way, just make sure not to go overboard. Subtlety is key when giving eyes the slightest pop.

How to Apply:

If using a cream, apply with finger tips and gently pat along the inner rim of nose and eyes. You can also pat at the outer corner of eyes to add dimension and make eyes appear larger.

If using a pencil, draw a line inside the inner corner of the eye and carry the line toward the outer corner, stop half way as to not close the eye.

You can also use a thin brush, like an eyeliner brush, to apply cream highlighter, and get that bold, dramatic effect that you see on Blake’s eyes. The brush gives you more precision and allows the product to set on skin instead of settle into skin.

Products to Try:

Jouer Highlighter in Camellia – a creamy, iridescent highlighter you can apply with your fingers.

Benefit Eye Bright – a crayon that whitens and brightens (and masks dark circles).

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner in White – a pearl white sheen that is applied inside lash line.

YSL Touche Eclat – The ultimate highlighter/ cover-up that is cream based, brings light to the skin and brightens the complexion. Dab on then pat with fingertips.

Of course, once you’ve whitened – and widened – the eyes, feel free to add a wash of color and finish the look with a few coats of mascara.

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