How To Hide Tired Skin

How To Hide Tired Skin

Ah, January.  You have us feeling all of the feels.  We’re cold, we’re grumpy, and a little bit plumper than we were pre-holidays.  More than anything though, we are seriously tired.  December’s endless parties paired with a major lack of vitamin D has us looking all kinds of scary sick.  Does it sound like we’re whining? Good, we are.

Enter our fairy-godfather, Benjamin Ruiz, Director of Global Creative Artistry at Laura Mercier. Benjamin heard our lackluster skin woes and guided us back to the land of the living with some magical product recommendations.  Keep reading to hear what we’ll be using to fake it til we make it (to spring):

Beauty Banter: What steps would you take before applying makeup to reset tired skin that is looking discolored or dull?

Benjamin Ruiz: Ahhh sleep, a precious commodity that we never seem to get enough of, but desperately need. To combat the visible signs and appearance of tired and “sleepy” skin, I recommend the following:

Hydrate from within. More often than not, when we are tired, we are also dehydrated and the tendency is to first reach for that morning cup of coffee. This will only dehydrate you further, so instead start your day with water  – I prefer a warm cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon to hydrate your cells and plump skin.

A speedy energizing mask  to “wake up” and plump the skin. I love a gel mask with a peppermint base because of its energizing properties and ability to increase the skin’s’ circulation and blood flow. You’ll immediately look rested!

Our morning savior is Dr. Jart+ Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask($7).

BB: Dark circles are always a dead giveaway.  What is the best way to cover? 

BR: The key is to “wake up” those tired eyes no matter how exhausted you are. I recommend the following:
Drop… two drops of an eye drop will help to reduce redness and refresh your eyes.

Note: I personally swear by Rhoto Cool Redness Relief ($7).

Hydrate – apply a serum that reduces darkness and alleviates puffiness, preferably something that has arnica and caffeine, like Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Repair Eye Serum ($83).

Conceal – I love to use Laura Mercier Secret Concealer  ($25) because it’s highly pigmented, covers amazingly well, and never looks “caked” or heavy.

BB: Do you think there are any makeup techniques that are used to enhance a tired face, but should actually be avoided? 

BR: The fatal mistake that many make in an attempt to hide or conceal tired skin is the tendency to over apply too much foundation and makeup, which will settle into the lines and make your skin appear older. Since the skin is the most crucial element, switch up your normal routine and try a lightweight tinted moisturizer paired with a light reflective primer to give instant radiance and a hydrating glow; my go-to duo is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($44) and Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance ($34).

For color, place the focus on the cheeks or lips, which detracts the emphasis from the eyes, but don’t get crazy! Apply a soft cream cheek colour like Laura Mercier’s Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour ($32), which has a great dewy finish. For the eyes, keep it simple – cancel the darkness on the lids with an eyelid primer, like Laura Mercier Eye Basics ($27).

After a particularly long night last Friday, I put these tips to the test for brunch the next day.  I swear,  a friend actually asked if I stayed in and rested the night before… I looked that fresh.


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