How To Get Bold Audrey Hepurn Eyebrows

How To Get Bold Audrey Hepurn Eyebrows

Bushy brows are certainly trending these days. From Cara Delevingne to Kaia Gerber, everyone seems to want a full arch. However, the original queen of bold brows was inarguably Audrey Hepburn.  But how does one who wasn’t genetically blessed in the brow lottery achieve these thick arches?

Spruce and Bond’s Senior Browlab Specialist, Ronia Alaoui, gives us some insight: “Audrey Hepburn’s brows are timeless; she has a natural full brow that has shape and arch. To get brows like Audrey, the key is to first do nothing! Let them grow in, don’t over-tweeze, and start to bring in your natural fullness. Then, I recommend a professional tweezing to get the perfect customized shape for your face.”

When growing in your brows, our editor Sarah swears by RevitaBrow ($110) to expedite growth. It’s filled with peptides and botanicals to strengthen and condition, which is especially necessary if you went through an over-plucked nineties eyebrow phase.

While waiting for those big, bold Audrey brows, there’s going be a period of  “faking it till you make it.” So, to fake the fullness and definition, Smashbox Brow Tech ($26) is a must-own. The palette contains a lighter shade to fill-in sparse areas, a darker shade to define, and a wax to keep it all in place.

If you prefer a pencil for your filling-in pleasure, try Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Three-Way Shape, Lift & Shade Eyebrow Pencil ($30). The pencil is seriously multipurpose; it’s meant to square off your brows at the corner, taper into an arch, and finish in a defined point. It comes in three shades named after brow-icons: Cara D, Grace K, and Brooke S. (Where’s the Audrey H?!)

Almost every brow needs a hint of hue which is where Eyeko Brow Gel ($24) comes in. It has a slight, universally flattering tint and the small brush makes it easy to work with. Plus, the gel keeps unruly hairs in place.

Women who were blessed with God-given full brows need to focus on grooming – not growing – to achieve Audrey’s look. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22) and Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer ($23) are the necessary tools to keep things fresh, refined, defined, and in place.

When working on your brows (and your whole face in general!), don’t forget Audrey’s advice that “happy girls are the prettiest.”


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