How To Get Better Skin: Retinol

How To Get Better Skin: Retinol

Retinol is one of the few ingredients that is truly anti-aging. If implemented into your skin care routine early on, it is actually preventative. It’s also ideal for those suffering from breakouts, uneven skin tone, dull complexions, and sun spots.

Retinol is a concentrated form of vitamin A which is used to increase skin cell turnover, boost the skin’s antioxidants, and reveal healthier cells by brightening the complexion and decreasing pores and wrinkles. In short, it really is an ingredient that gives you better skin instantly, as well as over time. While many forms of retinol are available only through a doctor’s prescription (think Retin-A), there are a myriad of products containing this powerful anti-aging, anti-acne ingredient that can be purchased immediately without a Rx.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Ren Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate ($65) – An ideal solution for sensitive skin types, Ren’s retinol oil contains 100 percent naturally derived vitamin A to fight wrinkles and sun spots while making the skin instantly appear brighter and healthier.

Obagi 360 Retinol 1% ($29) – This is a great retinol starter product, and you can purchase more aggressive percentages of the time-release retinol formula once your skin adjusts. Will decrease fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, and scarring.

Murad Time Release Retinol Concentrate For Deep Wrinkles ($65) – If you’re way past preventative, this is the treatment for you. It immediately softens and smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles while working overtime on these targeted areas to provide lasting anti-aging benefits.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105) – Your skin does its most important work while you sleep — and Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil is the product you need to kick your complexion into anti-aging high gear. A BB favorite, this trans-retinol ester oil combats fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity without any over-drying. Better skin by morning, seriously.

Dr. Brandt Skincare Glow By Dr. Brandt Revitalizing Retinol Eye Cream ($55) – If crow’s feet are your primary problem, then a retinol-infused eye cream will be your new best friend. Incredibly nourishing, this award-winning eye cream is ideal for dry, sensitive skin types that want a boost of hydration while instantly smoothing the appearance of fine lines.

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM ($65) – This nighttime treatment serum combines retinol with vitamins C and E to noticeably improve skin tone and texture, assist in collagen production, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution ($88) – This unique solution is a go-to for sun damaged skin, as well as premature aging. Retinol and ferulic acid brighten and tone the complexion while also eliminating dark spots, hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. You can use the liquid as an all-over treatment or spot treat target areas of concern.


*Retinol products should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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