How To Get Better Skin: Oxygen

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How To Get Better Skin: Oxygen

We literally rely on oxygen to live, so it should go without saying that oxygen has benefits other than survival, and skincare is one of them… #rejoice. We learned about O2 back in chemistry class, and, yes it’s air, but there’s more to it.

Oxygen stimulates the body’s natural response to heal, think about why oxygen is administered immediately following an injury or trauma. Or think about why taking deep breaths, aka getting more oxygen into your lungs, instantly calms and relaxes you. Our bodies are comprised of oxygen (among other elements) and our cells and organs need oxygen to function, not to mention keep us alive. Needless to say, it’s vital.

How does it translate in skincare: you know that thing called pollution? Yeah, it’s lurking in the air we breathe and all around us…pure oxygen is free of those harmful pollutants and free radicals hanging around in the atmosphere, so pure oxygen is good for the body, good for the skin. The oxygen that’s naturally occurring in our cells also naturally depletes, causing the inevitable fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. Boo. But there are ways to slow down oxygen depletion and increase oxygen intake, one being exercise, which immediately causes an increase of oxygen in our bodies. We can also get more O2 superficially with the celeb-famous oxygen facial, likened by Madonna, Miranda Kerr, and Jennifer Lopez. It works by replenishing the skin’s oxygen levels, and, as a result, instantly increasing moisture, detoxing the skin, and stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration. (As if we needed to be convinced on anything J.Lo-approved).

Products that harness the power of oxygen rely on the scientific approach to skincare, since our cells require oxygen to regenerate. Oxygen is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, calming the skin and killing off acne-causing bacteria. If all that is not enough to convert us, we don’t know what is.

Check out these oxygen-fueled products for better skin…

Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oxygenating Gel Cream ($37) – Give skin a breath of fresh air with a shot of oxygen in this gel cream that moisturizes and revitalizes dull, tired skin.

Dr. Brandt Skincare Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask ($70) – The power of an oxygen facial in the comfort of your home.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation ($36) – Boasts an “oxygen hydrating complex” to offer medium coverage, hydration, and radiant skin all at once.

Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubbling Mask ($55) – Brightens, hydrates, and supports the oxygenation of skin cells for a “rosy glow.”

Rodial Snake Serum O2 ($162) – Reap all the beauty benefits of oxygen with this serum made up of O2.

Dr. Jart Air Mesh ($48) – A BB cream formulated with oxygen that basically creates air-brushed skin with SPF…we’ll take it!

Evian Mineral Water Spray ($13) – In need of an oxygen boost? Try H2O: 2 parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen to freshen skin and makeup, add instant moisture, tone skin, and combat oiliness. Can we get an amen?

Claudia Mercado is a beauty-obsessed writer living in Long Beach, CA.

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