How To Fake A Well Rested Sleep (With Beauty Products)

How To Fake A Well Rested Sleep (With Beauty Products)

The reasons for forgoing the needed 8-hours of sleep are endless: working late, partying, a crying infant, a snoring spouse… you get the point.

As if feeling like a zombie isn’t punishment enough, looking like one makes the situation that much worse.  While a strong cup of coffee can fix the former, the latter requires a bit more skill, particularly when it comes to the eye area.  Dark circles and puffiness are no joke. 

While we could certainly use a sleep fairy in times of sleepless nights, we’ll take IT Cosmetics makeup artist Alex LaMarsh as our makeup fairy.  Below are her tips for faking a well rested night (on your face, at least).

Beauty Banter: If you wake up looking less than well rested, what steps should you take to get your eyes back to normal?

Alex LaMarsh: I always suggest that my clients keep their eye cream in the refrigerator for a super quick fix for tired eyes. The combo of the cold and caffeine help quickly reduce puffiness and wake your skin up to look more refreshed.

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BB: How would you treat the various eye-ailments caused by too little sleep?

AL: For puffiness, I go along with the basic art theory of dark colors appear farther away and light colors appear closer. So on clients with puffy eyes, I apply a concealer a bit darker than their skin tone over the puffy part, then apply a lighter color around the puffy area and blend it in. This camouflages the puffiness. It’s really quite easy to do at home. Just use your summertime concealer on the puffy area and your wintertime concealer shade over the surrounding areas.

For redness and darkness, I treat both these issues the same way. I apply a concealer slightly darker than skin tone over the discolored area, then apply a shade that is the same as the skin tone over it. This combo has helped me cover everything from scars, blemishes, and dark circles to black eyes.

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BB: Are there any preventive steps that we should take before bed?

AL: If you can, always try to be preventative with your skincare! It’s easier to prevent it than fix it. Before bed always, always, always remove your makeup and apply moisturizer. This helps your eyes, eyelashes, and skin look and feel happier.

I am a huge fan of pure rosewater after washing my face and before applying moisturizer; it helps soothe red and irritated skin.

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BB: Besides treating and concealing, what do you recommend to deflect attention from a rough eye situation? 

AL: For daytime or those looking for a quicker and more subtle approach, I would definitely recommend a poppy lip color with a nice glowing cheek or bold brow. Draw attention away from the eye area by placing it on brows, skin and lips. For evening looks or my more daring clients, I tend to camouflage it with a dark smoky eye which actually can really hide the swollen areas.

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