Holiday Hair…

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Holiday Hair…

Jen Atkin, cutter to the stars (and to moi!), has offered up the most fabulous Holiday hair tips:

Question: What’s in right now?

Answer: Romantic waves with a twist. Twisting the bangs or front part of your hair and pinning them back. It’s very Grecian and the perfect party look… Ala the Olsens (as in Ashley and MK).

Also, hair accessories are very stylish. Try anything feathery. A feathery headband (piece) on messy hair is very hot right now. It dresses up your hair, stands out, but it’s easy. For girls with bangs, wear them down and add a net (Lilly Allen loves this look) or hat (ala Kylie Minogue).
Add a tourbon. Wigs Today on La Cienega sells great ones.. Scarfs are in too. It’s all very 1920’s parisian.

Question: What’s a quick, stylish Holiday updo that my readers can actually do themselves at home?

Answer: With dried, messy hair, take it in your hand, like a ponytail, at the nape of the neck. Roll it up and inwards. And pin with bobby pins. Let pieces fall to create a more romantic look. This is very Jessica Stam (model).

Question: Holiday hair cut?

Answer: Versace bangs for sure… Thick heavy bangs with messy, long hair (mid length, above the boob). Think Lilly Allen.

Question: Any other useful Holiday hair tips?

Answer: My hope for 2008 is that everyone stops with the extensions! It’s an easy fix but not worth the damage it causes to the hair!

Jen Atkin
works at The Chris McMillan Salon – 310-285-0088.

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