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Hair: Parting Ways

By April 2, 2014 6 Comments

Hair: Parting Ways

Off center parts are a major trend right now. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jessica Chastain and Kate Bosworth have recently glammed up their hair style with an exaggerated side part. So, how do you get the look? Well, from personal experience I can tell you that going from center to side, can be quite a daunting task. I’ve been parting my hair down the center for the past 10 years so moving it back to the side takes practice and training.

I asked hair stylist Luke Chamberlain ,who has worked with Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth, for tips on parting ways — from center to side. Here’s what he had to say:

*Training your hair for a new part can be tricky sometimes require a little patience. It’s best to start on wet hair and add some volumizer for hold. Blow dry the root in the direction you want it to go and while the hair still hot clip it down and allow it to cool. Repeat this process after each wash and your hair will soon start to cooperate on its own. If more effort is needed, pin the part down while you sleep.

*Side parts tend to have a more voluminous side when parted in the opposite direction of hair growth, but make sure your hair is cut specifically to this parting. Layers need to be balanced on both sides and changing your parting will affect this.

*Soft side parts are a more feminine parting, while deep parts are dramatic and can feel masculine at times.

*Oval and square shapes tend to work well with a center parting while round, heart, pear and long shapes are more flattering with an off center or side parting.

Once you’ve gotten the part to a place that suits your face, feel free to have fun with the style. Pull it into a side pony or braid, a bun, or mess it up with some bed head volume!

Bye-bye center part!

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