Hair Crazed Jenny Returns

By February 20, 2007 8 Comments

Hair Crazed Jenny Returns

Remember my hair crazed friend, Jenny Cohen??? (CLICK HERE to refresh your memory.)
Well, Jenny’s back in town and she’s going to share some more of her fabulous hair tips with all our fellow beauty whores!!!
Jenny’s new must-have shampoo and conditioner is….

Loreal Intense Repair Shampoo and Masque because, “it keeps the color fresh, it smoothes the cuticle without having to use a product, it allows for lift and movement on the ends during styling and it’s healthy for the hair. It’s the best alternating shampoo to Kerastase.”
Jenny says that she likes to shampoo her hair once all over and then a second time just on the roots and let the shampoo work it’s way through as you rinse it out. Condition from the ears down, heavily, and run your fingers through the top with the residue on your hands. Rinse for at least 8 or 9 minutes. AND rinse in the position that you want your hair styled in. For example, if you want a side part, rinse with your hair in a side part.
And for all those who have inquired about Jenny’s hair color, she says it’s “natural with dark blonde highlights. NO base color. And NO toner! I let the sun lift it and I go into the ocean to strip product from my hair!!!”
A close-up of Jenny’s fabulous lockes!!!

In closing, Jenny says to “treat your hair like a fine piece of silk. Never brush from the top to the ends. Always comb from the ends upwards. Never use metal hair brushes or hair accesories.”
Thanks, Jenny!

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