Grammys 2009: Who Gave Best Face

Grammys 2009: Who Gave Best Face

Another year of music has come and gone… here’s our list of red carpet hits and misses (beauty related, of course)!

Paula Abdul

What is that thing on top of her head? Someone call PETA, Paula’s mutilated a rat and stuck it on her head! Sorry, can’t even focus on the makeup, I’m too busy trying to comprehend what moron let Paula out of the house with her hair looking like that!

Kate Beckinsale

Not quite sure what she’s doing at the Grammys, but Kate can do no wrong in my book. I always think she looks fab! Love the long, hippy hair with loose waves and the dark eyes with light lips. Kate always picks the perfect nude lippy to compliment her skin tone!

Miley Cyrus

Not a fan of Miley (AT ALL) but she looks o-k. Thankfully, not totally trashed out with her usual heavy makeup. Hate the hair, she should have worn it down. And P.S. Why does Miley make that same damn face every time she’s in front of a camera? Who is she blowing kisses to???

Taylor Swift

Taylor looks stiff and older than her actual age. Something’s amiss with the makeup (lips too pink and glossy, perhaps?), although I do like the winged liner. Again, I’d have like to see her hair down – young and free!

Katy Perry

She looks like Barbie (the ballet slipper pink lips) meets Joan Jettson (that hair!). And she’s got so many false eyelashes on, I’m shocked she can even see. Not into any of it.

Audrina Partridge

I’m impressed. She looks pretty, sophisticated. I really, really like the red lips – the color suits her skin and hair perfectly. And the side bun is cute, albeit a little Princess Leia-ish. But overall, job well done!

Carrie Underwood

She’s purrrty! And she looks so sweet! Love the eyes (lots of lashes), love the lips (mauvey seashell that goes great with her bronzed complexion), love the hair (a messy-ish pony with side-swiped bangs). And I really love the hair color (this is a great blonde!).

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Who do YOU think gave best face?

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