Golden Globe Winners…

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Golden Globe Winners…

Sure, Hollywood cares about best performances, movie, screenplay, director, etc. The fashion world cares about what they’re wearing. Here at beauty banter, all we care about is what’s on their face and in their hair…
The 64th Annual Golden Globes crowned many winners… and quite a few losers, as well…
Here’s a few words on the beauty… and the not so beauty…

And the nominees are (in alphabetical order):

America Ferrara (our ugly Betty ain’t so ugly!)

Angelina Jolie (not gonna lie, the eyes scare me just a tad)

Beyonce Knowles (is it just me, or does she ALWAYS look the same?!)

Cameron Diaz (in all her black-haired glory!!! P.S. the red lipstick is sooo wrong on Cameron – she’s managed to look like she’s channeling her inner clown.)

Cate Blanchett (girl’s got a great colorist… she definately wins best blonde of the night!)

Hilary Swank (apparently Ms. Swank thought the invite read, “15th birthday party.” No excuse for that retchid hair flower!)

Jennifer Hudson (a whole lotta eye for whole lotta girl!)

Kate Winslet (as Nate so adequetly puts it, “the girl knows her body type! I’m liking it…)

Naomi Watts (she always looks so sweet and friendly… botox, yay or nay?!)

Rachel Weisz (hubby + baby = great look!!!)

Reese Witherspoon (the best revenge for a cheating, womanizer of a husband is a youthful glow, straight, sleek hair, and a kick-ass, skinny bod! We are SO team Reese!)

You tell us… who gets your vote for hottest face!!!
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