Getting Intimate With The V

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Getting Intimate With The V

There’s been an upsurge of attention focusing on products specifically geared toward the vagina (yes, we said it!) and its surrounding area…and it’s about time! After all, what you use to cleanse and moisturize your armpits with isn’t necessarily safe – or right – for your lady parts. While talking about vaginas used to be taboo, with companies like The Perfect V making and marketing products specifically for the vagina and surrounding area, we’re finally able to have the dialogue we’ve been shushed from having for too long. And, perhaps even more importantly, giving our lady parts the luxury and TLC they deserve, just as we do with our face and décolletage.

We spoke exclusively with Avonda Urben, founder of The Perfect V, about all things V…

Beauty Banter: What is the V?

Avonda Urben: We needed a name for the area “down there” – why not the V? Simple, straightforward, and the shape of that area makes it a no-brainer. I wanted something that we could say without giggling, being embarrassed, and without a lot of hand gestures showing what we are talking about. We have an arm, a leg, a knee, now a V. The V is the bikini line and where hair grows (where the hair grows – mons pubis) and the delicate area surrounding it.

BB: What is the genesis of The Perfect V brand?
AU: Living in Copenhagen the last six years has given me a chance to be a little less uptight – more free in the way I think about my body. At a young age, all the girls shower together in one big room before you go into the pool, and at first I was looking for the individual stall for me and my 8-year-old daughter to change in. But then I realized there were NO individual dressing rooms – everything is out in the public. At first it was a little intimidating and embarrassing, but now it’s so easy.

So that is how my mind was even open to thinking about this idea. I was working on a
BB Cream for a client (I was a marketing consultant), and I went through the alphabet: CC, DD, EE, GG, WW creams, and I realized there wasn’t one for VV…I thought that would be so great for the V area…. a multi-tasking skincare product for the V – VV Cream…..for the V. I trademarked it so no one else can have a V Cream. I researched the global marketplace – there are so many products and lines and companies that talk to us (women) using such an old-fashioned approach. The categories are feminine care, intimate, hair removal, and men’s grooming. I didn’t want products called feminine care (old fashioned pink and white packaging), intimate (sexual in nature), hair removal (just not beauty; they throw an aloe strip on the razor and there you go – beauty!), and then, my personal favorite – men’s grooming – who wants a product that men use for their beards? I wanted something that made me feel good; that I was pampering myself like we do for the rest of our body and face. And I didn’t want to have a product that stated red bumps or ingrown hair on the packaging in big letters. Why not an elegant product? Something that could sit with all our other beauty items and not shout a problem? Our products address problems/solutions, however they are all about the beauty for the V – luxury skincare.

BB: Why should all women have products strictly for their V area?
AU: You don’t really need products for the V – doctors say soap and water are fine. I think doctors say that about the face and body too…but we have special products for those areas. I think the need or want for products strictly for the V area is driven by the global behavior of removing hair in the V area. Women are shaving, waxing, sugaring, lasering, using depilatories so there is more skin that is exposed and skin that needs to be taken care of. I notice more of the area and want it to look good, and, even more importantly, feel good. Just want to note that if you have hair there, it is still good to use these products because it is like our hair and our scalp – we want to condition and take care of our scalp too.

Please note: This line is for the external use of the skin (it is not the vagina). The wash, the mist, and the beauty sheets are used on the outside and are safe to go in but not designed to go into the vagina. These products are designed specifically for the V.

BB: Can you give us a quick how-to on highlighting the V?
AU: It’s easy: After you have been taking care of your V, pampering it with The Perfect V Regimen, your V will look even better than it already does. Just add a small drop of Shades of V Luminizer on the exposed area and you will see a beautiful iridescent luminosity. It’s subtle but noticeable, looks great with lingerie and when you have a bathing suit on. A lot of women are now using it for their legs, décolletage, and arms; it’s that pretty and feels great! Note: putting it on with a brush is awesome too -the makeup artists did this for our Miami Runway show and it looked so flawless.

BB: What’s the one must-have product for the V?
AU: Oh, now that’s a tough one because you don’t need all eight products….at the same time. There are different products for different reasons. But if I had to choose one…I guess it would be the VV Cream because it is so luxe and feels like I am really taking care of every part of my body.

If I was going on a date, I would definitely take two products: the VV Beauty Sheets and the VV Mist; super fresh so I would feel super confident.

*images courtesy of The Perfect V

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