In a recent magazine interview, Nicole Richie gushed about her favorite stylist tip: How to make curls with a flat iron.

Nicole sporting the do glammed up…

…And more casual.

My interest was immediately piqued. I raced over to The Andy Lecompte Salon where I asked my hair stylist guru, Jen Atkin, to explain (and do it on my mane, of course!).

Now, I’m sharing my new found knowledge with all of you!

Jen calls this look hippy chic, like what you see on Nicole Richie or Blake Lively (cool with me – I dig both of their styles). The curls are much more natural and effortless looking, not so volumized and oversized (or even tight and bouncy).

First, you’ll need a flat iron – 1 inch works the best. Jen suggest the Chi by Global Beauty. It’s ceramic so it doesn’t snag or severely damage the hair.

Next, split hair in half from the nape of your neck and separate into sections.

Grab big, long vertical chunks and, with the flat iron, start half-way down the shaft of your hair and curl the hair AROUND the iron and BACK away from your neck (Not to Self: this look does not, and is not meant to, create volume – so don’t even attempt curling from the roots!).

Continue with the rest of the sections.

It’s literally THAT easy – and it only took about 7 minutes to do my entire head (and I have long, thick hair!).

So, when pinched for time – or if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a new do – perform the flat iron curl on your mane!

Let us know how it goes!!!

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