Get Celebrity Pearly Whites At Home!

Get Celebrity Pearly Whites At Home!

Have you ever had teeth envy? Drew Barrymore’s got great teeth. So, too, does Jeniffer Aniston. Actually, most celebs have perfectly whitened teeth (save for some of those Brits – Amy Winehouse…) and there’s a reason!

White teeth are eye-stopping gorge (some may even say “blinding”). That’s why all of the celebs go to great lengths to get their pearly whites the perfect shade of white. And probably why there are dozens of companies formulating pastes and whiteners with the promise of a brighter smile. Of course, you can also book it to your dentist for the thousand dollar treatments, but since it’s a recession and I’m on a budget, I wanted to find a way to get my very own set of celebrity pearly whites for as little money as possible.

My dear friend, the beautiful and very beauty savvy, Kate Towne, boasted about one of her all time favorite beauty products: The Rembrant Whitening Touch Up Pen. “I can literally be walking into a meeting put it on in the elevator and by the time I get in the room my teeth are two shades whiter,” says Kate. She also filled me in on a little celeb secret: before walking the red carpet, the Rembrant Whitening Stick is where it’s at!

With this in mind, and award season swooning (and so many great smiles strutting the red carpet), I decided it was time to give my teeth the Rembrandt VIP treatment. I started with the . They’re strips filled with bleaching gunk that you comfortably fit on the bottom and top teeth. You use it once a day for 30 minutes for 7 days. After just three days, I noticed a difference. After five, days my teeth were a good shade whiter. After seven, my teeth were a bit sensitive but white as snow! And at $23.99 for the kit, it’s pretty affordable.

In the mornings and before bed, I brushed with . The mint flavor is easy to swallow and the paste is formulated with “micro-polishing particles and stain-fighting ingredients that clean deeply and whiten.” This is a great in-between to boost the whiteness – after drinking coffee, red wine, smoking (ew/ ugh!), but I’d be lying if I said it really worked to bleach my teeth. The kit is definitely better suited for that task. $7.50

But I’ve got to agree with Kate, the is GENIUS (and my favorite whitening product ever!). It’s portable, can be used virtually anywhere and anytime for a bright white touch up. It instantly bleaches the teeth about a 1/2 a shade whiter and it has a pleasant taste, so it’s not obtrusive. The pen is so fun to use, it’s become quite addictive! This is the best $14.00 that I’ve ever spent on my teeth!

Thanks to Kate for introducing me to the products and thanks to all of those celebrity pearly whites for inspiring me!

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