I’ve discovered a fabulous new product! PedEgg – it’s an egg-shaped foot file that shaves the gunk and callouses leaving your feet smooth and fabulous and purrrfect for summer sandals!

This product is addicting… like picking your ingrown hairs (but less painful and intrusive)! And the coolest part: you actually can see the results – not just on your soft and bare feet – but also in the egg! The foot shavings gather in the egg for easy and convenient disposal.

PRICE TAG: $10.00 (for two eggs!!!)

Try giving yourself a foot-i-cure (like pedicure, but for the entire foot):

Start with a foot scrub. Editor’s pick: Aromafloria’s For Feet’s Sake Spa Foot Scrub. This eco-friendly, natural organic product is formulated with natural, vegetable derived ingredients and manufactured with minimal carbon footprints, in a 100% wind powered, green E certified facility. Amazing!!! The scrub exfoliates, moisturizes, and conditions (softening callouses). Great to use prior to the PedEgg!

PRICE TAG: $10.50

Aromafloria also makes a great Spa Foot Butter – super moisturizing and softening, and incredibly minty fresh (with tea tree and mint). The slight tingle soothes your feet allowing them to relax and chill out after a long day trudging around town! Use a heavy-duty moisturizer after the PedEgg!

PRICE TAG: $10.50

And if your feet are really busted (no offense) and dry, try a heel cream! CVS makes a Heel Balm (that actually heals dry heels) for a decent price. It’s an emollient base (like Vaseline) so it’s super hydrating (I use it before bed and allow it to penetrate while I sleep).

PRICE TAG: $5.99

So, get those feet in tip-top shape! There’s no excuse for fugly feet!!!

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