Five Moisture Masks To Try Today

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Five Moisture Masks To Try Today

We are here, on the precipice of another winter, and it’s time for that skin-saving must-have to enter the beauty closet: moisture masks. In full disclosure, my skin is dry, very dry, so dry I’ve never had a pimple because my skin can’t support one (don’t hate me). That being said, I can literally layer face oils and wake up glowy. So I would take my recommendations and adjust them based on your level of dryness, and I would avoid all but one of these masks if my skin were oily (that mask being Skin Inc. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask).

Best for any skin type:

Skin Inc. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask ($40)

The Skin Inc. mask is a clear, un-sticky gel that absorbs pretty quickly. I’ve taken to using it as a finishing sealant over all of my serums and cream. I apply a medium-to-thick layer over the rest of my nighttime products and then go to sleep. It’s kind of a brightening miracle and really helps with sealing in hydration. I use it solely as an overnight mask but you can also use it for a quick 30 minute boost. This mask is a great multi-tasker and can brighten and clarify for oily types, or really lock in under layers for dry, thirsty skin.

Best for dry skin:

The Darphin Stimulskin Plus Serumask ($180)

The Darphin mask is epic; it’s soft, creamy, shining magic. It really is miraculous. I actually use it day and night just like a serum, and once it soaks in, I add sunscreen and makeup. Again, my skin is very dry so adjust accordingly for yourself. The directions say to tissue off excess but I never have any. My skin drinks this stuff up completely. I put some on when I first woke up this morning and as I grabbed a coffee my husband actually said, “Your skin is glowing, you look so young.” Um, yeah, so this mask is never leaving my cabinet and, while my complexion is happy,  my wallet is sad. This is my most A+ recommended of the batch. Save up for it, it’s that good.

Best for parched,angry, retinol-scorned skin:

Glamglow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment ($69)

This mask is fantastic as a once or twice a week one. It’s super, super, super hydrating – and even a little goopy – so you actually do need to rinse it off or use a dry muslin cloth and remove the excess. That being said, when retinol attacks (a must-have but irritator of dry skin), this is a super calming skin blanket. It tamed my redness instantly and added moisture back immediately. It’s also great in my arsenal and will last a long time because it’s an occasional and not everyday use item. It goes without saying that I would avoid this completely if you’re skin is oily.

Best value:

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus, Moisturising Cream Mask ($42)

This lovely mask smells like pressed roses and leaves your skin with a matte finish that works as an ideal primer for makeup. I used this more as a cream booster, I never rinsed it off. It’s wonderful, organic, chic, and soothing. I love all things Jurlique for their scent and purity, and this is no exception. I like to use it as an intense nighttime cream and just go to sleep in it, too.

Lowest priced:

Tree Hut Hydrating Overnight Mask ($15)

This Tree Hut Mask was nice overnight and is a gel mask like the Skin Inc Mask, but it’s very messy and leans way more towards a liquid than the gel side of things. I actually think they’ve packaged it incorrectly, it should be in a squeeze tube like the Jurlique mask, and not a pot. The first time I used it, I lost a third of it sloshing over the sides just battling to put the lid back on. That being said, it’s a nice mask that provides moisture and is the lowest priced. It’s not my favorite, but I love that it is free of all nasty chemicals and is fortified with natural botanicals. I’m happy to use it up and see if it moves up the ranks with longer term use.

That’s my two cents: I hope this is helpful. I absolutely love moisture masks so if any readers have suggestions of others they’re obsessed with, please leave them in the comment section below! Happy glowing, ladies.

–By Di Gaeta Marshall-Green, actress and artist

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