FAVORITES: The Bold Day Lip

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FAVORITES: The Bold Day Lip

There’s nothing like a little color to make your face smile. And, considering that we’re officially into fall territory (although this 80 degree NYC weather could have you fooled), a pop of bold is sure to brighten even the most bleak and grey of days.

That’s why I’m currently obsessing over the bold lip — even for day wear! Yes, the bold lip has mostly been associated with your night looks – party, clubbing or a black tie affair – but I’m ready to take it to the streets (during sunlight hours, of course).

Here’s the trick – the bold day lip should be more of a tint/ stain or a creamy gloss. Stay away from the seriously pigmented lipsticks. While the color choice is up to you – red, coral, pink –  use a more sedated variation of your preferred hue and make sure that you can control the boldness. For unwanted color, pat your lips down with tissue. For more color, layer away with additional tint, stain or creamy gloss. Your lip will still be bold, but never overBOLD.

TIP: Wearing a bold lip means you are choosing to focus your makeup look on your mouth. Keep eyes and skin simple. Perhaps, a few coats of mascara and tinted moisturizer for coverage. THAT’S IT!

Here are a few of my favorite day colors for the bold lip look:

1 – Benefit Posietint – Benefit makes some amazing stains with staying power. This poppy tinted lip stain will give you the coral color your crave without the shock value of a full-out coral lipstick. If your lips look too parched with just the stain, layer with a sheer coral gloss like Dior Addict Lip Polish in Glow Expert, a sheer light coral hue.

2 – Jouer Tint in Amaryllis – I initially used this color for my cheeks, then recently started using on my lips. It’s fab! The perfect color and consistency of a creamy coral with a splash of red that gives lips the boldness without the crazy brightness.

3 – Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain in Lust – I am so obsessed with Tarte’s lip stains, I think I’ve hit up every color in the range! Lust is a classic red, but ti’s consistency – part stain, part sheen – let’s it be a perfectly acceptable day bold. Plus, you can control the boldness depending on how many times you layer it on your lips.

4 – Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Scarlet – This is a deep red, Old Hollywood Glam, hue and I’m digging rocking it during day light hours. It’s a great stain because you can apply with your fingers, it doesn’t move at all, yet still gives your lips some serious color (more of a sheen color, however). I use a very little, and I pat on lightly. Make no mistakes, even with the tiniest pat, your lips will still be unmistakably red.

5 – Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain in Amused – I’m a huge fan of the fuchsia lip. With so many variation of hot pink – fluorescent, matte, bright, etc – it’s like a game of try and repeat until you find the perfect shade. Once again, Tarte’s amazing lip stain wins the honors. Part stain, part sheen, this hot pink is definitely bold, but the brightness is controlled by how many layers you choose to apply. A single layer provides just a hint, a few more gives you a sheen hot pink lip. Perfect to get your day lip on.

Acceptable places to wear the day bold lip: the office, lunch with a friend ala ladies who lunch, carpool…

Unacceptable places to wear the day bold lip: a business meeting (use at your discretion), a somber event (may be too happy of a hue), first time you meet his parents (could send the wrong message)…

Are YOU feeling the bold day lip?

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