Lashes are a ladies rite of passage. Seriously. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are certain casualties of being a woman (that time of month, hormones, child birth, cramps, etc) and then there are the joys – a great stiletto, a volumized blow out, and the perfect mascara.

Lashes really make the eye. Be it a smoky eye, a cat eye or a bare eye, add mascara, and voila, you just went from average to bad ass. Picking the correct mascara is a trial and error process. Like the perfect stiletto, you must try it on for size, fit and comfort. I suggest going into a Sephora or department store and actually testing the different options. Don’t order online unless you are REORDERING or you know exactly what you want!

I’m not a fan of any of the lash growth serums. I find that while they may make your lashes grow, they inevitably do strange things to your eyes (like change the shape and color).

SO, if your lashes are never quite as long, thick and glamorous as you’d like them to be, there’s always the falsies. These days, companies are making it so easy and affordable to wear false lashes.

Here are my personal favorite products for the perfect lashes:

1 – CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara – My must-have drugstore mascara, tried and approved. I love how it separates, volumizes and thickens my lashes. $7.00

2 – Dior ‘Diorshow Extase’ Mascara – For high end, this is my mascara of choice. It plumps volumizes and defines lashes to the extreme. $28.00

3 – Tweezerman Folding Lashcomb – Any eyelash comb will do as long as it has metal teeth. I like this one because it really gets into the lashes and separates and declumps each individual hair. As you can tell, I’m really into separation! $9.50

4 – Ardell Lashes – I just got into falsies recently. They are so fun if you are having a night on the town. I learned about Ardell through an interview I did with Katy Perry (she love, love, loves these). They are so affordable and quite effortless to put on (compared to most). I like the individuals, but you can also buy strips as well. They have so many types to choose from! Prices vary.

5 – Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – This cult favorite is a must-have for anyone obsessed with beautiful lashes. The design and precision gives lashes the perfect curl and everyone knows that a curled lash is always more flattering…! $19.00

What are your favorite LASH products?

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