Favorites: Facial Serums

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Favorites: Facial Serums

I have this longstanding misconceived notion that, because I have combination to oily skin, I should dry my face until it prunes into something out of “The Grapes of Wrath.”

One thing I’ve learned from my years in the beauty industry having the privilege to work and talk with so many fascinating skin care experts is that hydration and moisture are two very different things. You can have oily skin, not much need for moisture, but serious need for hydration. Think of hydration as the H2O levels that help to plump and radiate. Moisture, however, is for those who have dry, flaky and cracked skin; skin types that need a Gatorade, so to speak, something a bit more heavy duty to up the levels of oil.

I recently had a fabulous oxygen facial with my friend Tarin (daughter of Michelle Peck who is Madonna’s facialist) and she explained that, “Dehydrated skin is thirsty skin. People who smoke or don’t drink enough water have dehydrated skin. Although some people may not smoke and do drink a lot of water, they can still get dehydrated skin. The remedy: A serum that has hyaluronic acid in it.” She went on to tell me that you can have oily skin and it can still be dehydrated. But, as long as you use the proper serums, you’ll reboost the hydration levels without clogging pores.

Especially in the midst of winter, I notice that my combination skin is duller than ever. My quick fix (and current face obsession of choice): serums.

Here are a few serum recommendations:

Amore Pacific Rejuvenating Serum $100.00 – I discovered this in my Amore Pacific facial and the facialist said it’s the best choice for hydrating combination/ oily skin. It’s oil-free, highly concentrated, absorbs quickly and leaves a nice glow.
Sanitas Vita C Serum $90.00 – Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants so it’s a great ingredient for anti-aging products. It’s a natural collagen booster and helps to fade sun spots and even out skin tone. I absolutely love this serum. I can feel it work from the moment I put it on my face. It appears a bit oily at first, but absorbs within a few minutes and leaves skin so radiant throughout the day (if you find it to be too rich, try using every other day). I see a huge difference in skin tone, texture and hydration when I use this serum.
Christine Chin Daily Renewal Replenishing Serum $69.00 – The celebrated Chinatown facialist recently launched an eponymous skin care line and this is one of the prized products. While I haven’t yet had the opportunity to be poked and prodded by Christina herself (it is on my beauty wishlist), I have been fortunate to try this seriously impressive serum. Great for all skin types, the light weight plant-based serum absorbs quickly and has the least oil-like feel of any of the bunch.
Annmarrie Gianni Anti-Aging Serum $49.95 – I recently discovered this organic line (at Organic Avenue, naturally) and, I’m quite impressed with the products (the aloe-herb facial cleanser is wonderfully gentle and soothing). This serum is very gentle and calming to the skin while it’s sole purpose is to boost collagen production and increase the skin’s natural levels of hyaluronic acid. All of the ingredients are literally, edible.
Intraceuticals Daily Serum $189.00 – Tarin’s pick: This is what she uses in her amazing oxygen facial that, if you haven’t tried, I highly recommend. A “rejuvenation face treatment in a bottle,” says Tarin.


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