Favorites: Face Mists

Favorites: Face Mists

Haven’t face mists come a long way from the ubiquitous Evian bottle that models, makeup artists and sun warriors used to sport to cool down and set their makeup application? Nowadays, brands are launching face mists that heed a multitude of benefits with a variety of intoxicating scents, and every beauty lover should have at least one in their beauty arsenal.

Why use face mists? For one, they are the perfect on-the-go pick-me-up. Cool off and spray in style. Many of them also double as face toners. Just spritz directly onto a cotton pad a swipe the face clean. Makeup artists use face mists to set their makeup application, an easy way for you to do the same at home. A few sprays from 6-10 inches away from your face and makeup should stay in place. Make Up For Ever Makeup Artist Lottie once explained to me that a great way to get that runway dewy skin is to use cream highlighters and then dab a bit of petroleum jelly onto places of note like cheekbones and décolletage (I prefer Elizabeth Arden’s 8-Hour Cream). Finish off with an even spritz of a face mist to really get the face wet and dewy. The water from the spray will hold onto the cream and jelly formulas. You can pat off excess water with a tissue if you choose. For a simple video on achieving dewy skin, click here.

Face sprays are also wonderfully refreshing and soothing, ideal for post sun exposure or any type of chemical or enzyme peel or microdermabrasian. After all, the mists contain merely water and healthy extracts like rose oil, lavender, aloe and basil, each that serves a unique but gentle purpose. Personally, I love to use my mists, post any type of acne treatment that may make my skin feel a bit raw or give that burning sensation. The face mists  calm my complexion and act as the perfect base to further absorb my follow-up creams.

Here are a list of 7 favorite face mists. Spray away:

1 – Sanitas Moisture Mist($18 for 5oz/150 ml): Any time I use any kind of product or peel that tingles and stings my skin, I use this mist right after. Not only does it moisturize my skin beautifully, but soothes as well. Another perk? This mist contains Hyaluronic Acid, an incredibly hydrating, anti-aging ingredient (and a personal favorite).

2 – Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater ($7): This facial mist isn’t pure rosewater, but instead, is infused with aloe and herbs. Moisture is retained and the aloe is a great soothing ingredient for sensitive skin.

3 – Chantecaille Pure Rosewater ($62): Hand-picked rose petals for the most pure form of rosewater, you definitely get what you pay for with this face mist. This spray is great for hydrating, will combat signs of aging, and give you an even complexion a la Cleopatra. I also have a great DIY recipe, which you can find here.

4 – Heritage Products ($4): This is on of my favorite drugstore finds and because it’s so affordable, I use these sprays on my face and my body. There are several flower waters, including lavender, rosewater, lilac, jasmine, gardenia, plumeria, and many more. Pick your favorite scent and mist away.

5 – Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence Moisturizing Toner ($65 for 50 ml): This is the more expensive, but totally worthwhile version, of the Heritage Water Mists. With 19 active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, this mist offers maximum water retention, is oil-free, and smells amazing.

6 – Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($48 for 40 ml): Prized by the Japanese and keeping with tradition, this face mist will have you looking like a geisha. Literally. Its instantaneous qualities will give you a dewy and smooth glow. Though water retention is great, the effects of other skin care qualities such as anti-aging and anti-acne, is somewhat lacking. Even still, this is a fantastic soothing and boosting face mist for everyday use.

7 – Sponge Sweet Basil Aromatherapy Mist ($45) – Besides smelling incredibly fresh, this nourishing face mist combines olive leaf and basil, two favorite ingredients for acne-prone skin. While olive leaf helps to kill acne bacterias, basil’s antibacterial properties fight acne while it’s soothing properties calm inflammation. For my favorite DIY anti-acne basil recipe’s (including a ridiculously easy basil water toner), click here.


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