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Fall Trends with Celebrity Makeup Artist Jo Strettell

By October 9, 2012 3 Comments

Fall Trends with Celebrity Makeup Artist Jo Strettell

Celebrity makeup artist Jo Strettell – who has worked with everyone from Katie Holmes to Madonna (and a bit of Brad Pitt put in for good measure) – recently did some work with Simple Skincare, a brand for which I serve as an ambassador. I had the opportunity to interview Jo on the most important fall trends we need to be wearing, asap.

Here are Jo’s tips on achieving some staple looks:

SARAH HOWARD: What are some of the top fall makeup trends that you’ve seen transition from the runway to the red carpet?
JO STRETTELL: I saw lots of fun looks on the red carpet, and things we’re going to see more of this fall. I think one that I was really happy to see is there was lots of natural, healthy-looking skin. I’m really bossy with my clients about having a diligent beauty routine, because it makes such a difference to how you’re going to apply the makeup to create the looks, and how the overall effect is going to be. That’s why I’m excited that I’m working with Simple, a line that originally came from the UK and I grew up with it, and it’s finally here. The facial skincare range and products are perfect even for the most sensitive skin because there are no harsh irritants, dyes or artificial perfume. So, that’s a plus.

SH: How can women at home effectively achieve these looks?
JS: [For the red carpet trend of natural, healthy-looking skin], you would start with a soothing facial scrub and, most important for me, the hydrating light moisturizer, which preps the skin so you can really, really use the right amount of foundation to get the perfect base that you need for the beauty look that you’re going to choose.

SH: What do you think is the premiere award season, red carpet trend this year?
JS: Dark eyes with a nude lip, or vice versa (nude eyes with a dark lip).

SH: Who has been wearing this trend well?
JS: Lenah Dunham [of HBO’s “Girls”] – I love her to pieces, and we had a super fun time. She was wearing a very stylish Prada dress – [a] lace dress, quite strong and heavy. With her new pixie-type hairstyle, I think it was really important to do slightly edgy makeup, so I went… and did a very strong eye to sort of balance out the whole combination of what she was presenting. To complement that we did a nude lip. Yeah, it was great fun to do that.

SH: In general, what is the color palette for this fall?
JS: There’s going to be a lot of red lips. You know, red, corals, hot pinks, maroons, but lots of strong, strong lips.

SH: How can we achieve this easily at home?
JS: [This color palette can] be done with, basically a naked face, or just mascara, or a little bit of cheek. But I saw a lot of [heavy, red lips] on the red carpet, and that’s a really beautiful look, I think it’s really chic. You can do a really strong painted mouth if you do the nude eye, and it somehow still looks really natural.

For Jo’s red carpet tips on creating a smoky eye, watch the video below:

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