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Fall Hair Color Trends With Kim Vo

By October 19, 2015 No Comments

Fall Hair Color Trends With Kim Vo

“In general, the hair trend right now is to caramelize everything and add warmth to it to warm up the skin, especially for fall. But not so much adding red to everything, it’s really more about adding touches of golden to soften the hair and soften the skin and make it look more youthful.

With fall color trends, for blondes it is all about the evolution of the ombre, which is called a sunbre. We’re connecting the dots with a little more baby lights. We’re becoming a little bit more freeform with painting on color, so we’re deepening the blondes natural base a little bit but still highlighting where the sun would naturally hit it. Especially for fall, you don’t want to go too dark but you do want to deepen it. You want to keep it nice and fresh and modern.

For blondettes [golden brunette], we put a few little kisses of color, like golden caramel and cinnamon through the hair to give it a little kick. We’re definitely doing the caramelization with browns quite a bit, even with deeper browns. We’re starting highlights a bit higher up, but not connecting it to the scalp. It’s about one or two inches away from the scalp, just to give it that natural sun kissed look. For fall, it feels like you can have sun all year round, but not a summer sun sort of a thing. It’s like the feeling of coming back from the beach and deepening your hair just a bit, but you don’t have to go dark anymore all over.

Redheads are so much fun right now, they’ve got so many multidimensional aspects. Right now, coppery reds, a la Emma Stone, are more in than berry reds. It’s almost like a red blush, so you can go really light with it. Before, redheads would just be one color, and now there are many colors in one head of hair.

Dark brown gals are really keeping their richness, like an espresso shade, but they’re still having kisses of highlights throughout. It’s more like texture lights, which means that you really don’t see the highlights. They’re just there to give the hair movement and… texture.”

–Celebrity colorist Kim Vo of the Kim Vo Salon.


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